May 27, 2022

Seven Mom-Friendly Outfits

Blazer: Good American (wearing a size 2/medium) | Leggings: Amazon | Sneakers: Axel Arigato | Hoops: Amazon (size 40mm)

Recently, I’ve had a little internal shift. I’ve started feeling the urge to put in a wee bit more effort into my look. That might come as a shock considering, for the last ten years,  I’ve had a blog that largely revolves around fashion, but let me elaborate.

Before children, you’d often find me strutting around the city, wearing a 4″ heel at any opportunity that I could get. Once I had Nate, naturally, my style shifted a bit. Less high heels and overall, looks that required a lot less time and effort, makeup routine included. It was a combination of age and motherhood.

Seven Mom-Friendly Outfits

Three and a half years after Nate, I had Sasha. Four months after she was born, the pandemic hit.

Like the vast majority of us, the last two and a half years have been such a rollercoaster in so many ways, personal style included. There was a long point where all I wanted to wear was leggings and loungewear, but wardrobe aside, I had zero desire to wear any makeup. I was in a pandemic slump.

Then something shifted.  While on the days that I’m in full blown mom mode, comfort is high on the priority list. I try to build my outfits around that, but also in a way where I still look in the mirror and think “ohh okay, yesss. you look cute..”  Sure, wearing lounge pants might be considered very casual, but I’ve been trying to jazz up those particular looks with accessories, makeup and a fun nail (there’s an instagram highlight on that).

Then there’s the makeup part. On most mornings, I not only want to do my makeup, but I look forward to it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a quick 5-minute face, easy contour occasionally included (shocking for me), but it’s more than I was doing in the last few years unless I had actual plans. That alone makes such a difference in how I feel about myself and how I show up to the world, even if it’s simply for a neighborhood walk.

Also, this post was meant to be me sharing a few mom-friendly outfits, but turned into a bit more as I started typing at 11PM last night.

Triple Denim Outfit

denim jeans and jacket as Mom-Friendly Outfits

woman in denim jeans and jacket as Mom-Friendly Outfits with her two childrenJacket: Levis (wearing a small) | Denim: AGolde Fen | Flats: Chanel | Sunglasses: CIO

I went a little crazy with the triple denim, but I really like this look if I do say so myself. These Chanel flats were a recent splurge and my first pair of the flats version (I have the block heeled ones). Probably not the most appropriate choice of footwear for an unexpected nursery visit, but yolo.

Jacket and Gucci Loafers

The jacket is a good one. Easy to throw on, looks cool and works with so much.

woman taking a selfie wearing a jacket in one of her Mom-Friendly Outfits Trench: Everlane (older style, but they always have nice options) | Sweatshirt: Amazon |  Denim: AGolde | Loafer: Gucci Jordaan

Several years later and I’m still wearing these buttery soft Gucci loafers. This look reminds me of something you’d see the women in Paris wearing. Timeless and something that can be worn no matter what decade you’re living in.

woman with her kidJacket: Levi’s (wearing a small) | Tee: Free People (medium)  Joggers: Vuori (wearing a small) | Sneaker: New Balance 327

This was my attempt at trying to spruce up my t-ball mom outfit. I’ve been on a gold hoop earring kick, but to be honest, I don’t know if I love them here. I think it’s the proportions of my hair being pulled back, the earrings, the neckline and the sunglasses. Something is not flowing the way I want it to, but you live and you learn. Seeing photos also helps a lot.

woman in white shirt, denim pants, and brown jacket as one of her Mom-Friendly Outfitswoman wearing one of her Mom-Friendly Outfits with her two kidsBlazer: The Frankie Shop (wearing a small) | Denim: AGolde Fen | Sneakers: Converse 70s (linked another color I love)

I wore the above outfit to a 5th birthday party. I’ve ordered a few things from The Frankie Shop, including this blazer and have had a lot of misses, but a few very good hits. Their pieces are just so effortlessly “cool girl vibes..” It’s hard to see in the photos, but this blazer is a vest and blazer combo and can be worn with or without something underneath.

Vuori Pieces for Mom-Friendly Outfits

woman wearing Vuori pieces as one of her Mom-Friendly Outfits Crewneck sweatshirt: Vuori (small) | Joggers: Vuori (small) | Sneakers: New Balance 327

School drop-off outfit and I ended up putting on makeup and fixing my hair after I got home. If you haven’t tried Vuori, they’re the most comfortable and well-made pieces. The joggers are my absolute favorite and wash so well. Highly recommend!

woman in leggings and leather jacketLeather Jacket: L’Agence (similar) | Hat |  My favorite leggings | Handbag: Chanel Trendy (read my review here) | Sneakers: New Balance 327

Another school drop-off mom-friendly outfits, but something I wear quite often. Leggings get a bad rep sometimes, but with the right accessories and additions, I think they could look quite chic!



  • Farah Flores

    Really feel seen with this post! All of your posts are always spot on. Thank you for showing up and sharing yourself with us! ❤️

  • Katherine Jimenez

    Thank you for sharing this outfit ideas! I have been feeling just like you after the pandemic and the busy mom life and I am finally finding my love for dressing yo again.

  • Meghan

    I started following you early in pandemic and I love your City and Miami looks. I really appreciate your everyday elevated mom style and that is what I buy most through your influence. Wolford bodysuit, NB 327, trench outfits, agolde denim love all of it!!

  • Docdivatraveller

    Your posts have been resonating with me so much lately! Life changes tremendously after a kid, that too after 2. It’s a task getting dressed and put make up on. I also have been in a pandemic slump, and these kind of posts (your nail posts included) motivates me to do something for myself.

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