December 10, 2023

Sasha’s Christmas Wishlist

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Sasha’s Christmas Wishlist

1. Disney Princess Trendy Puppy & Tote |2. Kids Camera | 3. Hair Salon Toy Set | 4. Princess Dress Up Set | 5. ‘What Should Darla Do? Book | 6. ‘You Are An Amazing Girl’ Book | 7. Frozen Princess Castle Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks | 8. Disney Princess Deluxe Suitcase | 9. Kids Smart Phone | 10. Real Littles Pet Packs Collection | 11. Kids Makeup Kit | 12. Disney Princess S’mores In Style Glamping Tent

I shared Nate’s wishlist last week, and today, I present the wishlist of our spunky, sassy four-year-old. These days, she loves playing dress up, taking photos, and doing anything that makes her imagination go wild. 



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