August 9, 2010

Red Leather

I’ve always been a fan of red jeans and wear mine throughout the year. This however, is on another level. Also, check out Carolines SUEDE Balenciaga bag! Holy crap. I would be way too scared of ruining that beauty.I also love both of their sheer tops. One of the biggest trends going on right now.



  • TheLaniGold

    i love red jeans too!! but you're right… that's on a higher level *marvelling*
    it looks simply gorgeous!!

  • Prestige

    Kate Moss looks so great in this photograph! But I don't like red jeans… 🙂

  • Ryma

    Kate looks so great in this photograph ! Love


  • Belle de Couture

    Oh gah, Kate looks un-reallllll 😀


  • SWAY

    omg ive been on the hunt RED LEATHER PANTS for months!!! ahhhhh i want them so badddd :'(


  • Nikki

    I love it.


  • My Lack of Style

    Amazing trousers but I think it's a bit to short for Caroline's legs.

  • Michelle Chic

    the red pants really make the whole outfit pop!

  • Helen [In Elegance]

    The red leather trousers are gorgeous. I'd love some of these.

  • Pauline

    Loving the Balenciaga! TDF!


    This is gorgeous, I especially am loving the whole nude+red trend atm, as in the first photo!!


  • Star-Light

    love it!

    i need red leather pants!!

  • Andee Layne

    great post! I have a pic of Caroline in those pants saved in my inspiration folder as well xoox

  • helena

    The leather pants are amaaaaazing.

  • fashionstoned

    Rockin in red leather!! these pics are so inspiring!

  • Glamorous Glory

    love the red leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HC!

    these pants are amazingly chic on these two! i pretty much would kill for that bag too.
    Haute Californian

  • Krizia

    That Balenciaga bag is AMAZING.
    I want it. 🙁

  • fshnonmymind

    OMG, that first image is, in the words of Rachel Zoe, bananas!!! I love that!!!
    I don't know where I would rock a pair of red leather pants, but I would have them in my closet just because. I did eye this red leather skirt and have it in the back of my head as something that would be awesome in my wardrobe. Haven't taken the plunge yet.

  • Miss Zuri

    i loveeeee those pants!!! haute

  • Under the Fluorescents

    WOW those pants are hot! i would def wear them! would you wear them? you are so lucky you live in New York! that's my dream.
    thanks for checking out my blog! come back soon 🙂

  • Violetta E.

    so cool!

  • Lo alario

    for sure!!! i love the red pants! its soooo sexy 🙂

  • Cfellis522

    Love your blog! If you are looking for red leather pants or jeans, I found them last year at West Coast Leather in San Francisco (other end of the countyr for you!). THey were formerly North Beach Leather and had great stuff back in the 80s, 90's and earlier in the decade. I think the red jeans are outstanding!

  • Atif

    I love Red jean too much lovely and your style of presentation is too much fantastic.

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