March 27, 2017

Some Random Motherhood Thoughts

Random Thoughts on Motherhood - Brooklyn Blondeall outfit details below


When my hair started falling out about 5 months postpartum, I really thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Well I was wrong….

In my opinion, the regrowth is even worse. Currently, I have hundreds of little baby hairs growing in, making it look like I have a ton of breakage or flyways. I am not a happy camper and not in a happy “hair place.”


I’ve lost all of my pregnancy weight, maybe a few pounds more, but I think that’s merely because my chest size has cut in half. I’m actually not mad about it! I get a ton of questions on how I lost my baby weight and to be honest, it look a ton of work on my part. I’ve always been a healthy eater, but post baby, I probably have never eaten healthier in my life. I try to stick to a plant-based diet more than half of the time and when I do indulge, I make sure I’m reasonable with my portions and never feel guilty about it. I love food and trying new restaurants way too much, to ever not live a balanced lifestyle (100% libra).

Moderation is key. I can’t live any other way.

For me, it’s never about a diet but more about a lifestyle. If I’m hungry, I will eat, but rather than eating a bagel, I’ll make some healthier food choices. When I’m home and not indulging, I like to stick to foods that are easily digested and that  serve a purpose in nurturing my body.

As I mentioned before, I can never give up coffee, wine or chocolate.

I also try to workout 3-4x a week. Some days I work out at the gym and some days I workout at home. I love using my resistance bands while I’m watching TV and I find that I could really get an amazing leg and arm workout in.

My abs are nowhere where I want them to be, but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself (not easy), and. I try to do an ab workout a few times a week, even while I’m watching TV.


Last week, a friend and I were talking about just how difficult the balance is. Between motherhood/famlily/life/work/marriage/friendships/self-care, something always feels like it’s being neglected. If I’m feeling like an excellent mother and wife one week, my blog probably feels like it’s suffering or vice versa.

The other day, I had a completely ridiculous meltdown, because of instagram. I felt like I was stuck in a rut and rather than trying to bust out of it, I barely posted. Even my closest friends would message me telling me that I need to brush it off and get my act together. It sounds so silly when I type it out, but it’s the truth.

A few days later, I started to feeling motivated and inspired again and that blah feeling passed.

But the reality is, something always does feel like it’s being neglected. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in this world, but balancing it all is one tough job.


I’ve been getting so many questions on what I used and didn’t use when I was pregnant. Since so many of you ask, I’m going to work on a post like that! Meanwhile, I leave you with this video, which I fully agree with.


Am I the only one that thinks it’s absolutely crazy that Nate’s first birthday is less than a month away. I’m currently in the middle of planning his party and if all goes according to plan, I’ll be sharing the photos on here!

 Outfit Details:

#1 | Leather Jacket: Mackage | Denim: Mother | Sneakers: Sezane | Hat: Hat Attack

on Nate: Sneakers are Minna Parikka

#2 | Sweater: Sea (old, but I am actually drooling at all of their new stuff)



  • Carrol

    Helena, at trite as this sounds, please don’t sweat the small stuff. As a mother of three, all grown now, I look back and wish I had listened to my own advice. Social media is a curse. Yes, I follow you on IG, and after that just some lovely travel posts. No other social media. Your little man is worth all the hair loss, bad hair and skin days and those few extra pounds. I can get just as self conscious and vain as the next woman and worry, even at 50, about everything. I work hard to maintain what I have and am proud of how I look at this, or any age! My point, Helena, is that life is too short and there are more important things. Besides, time flies and before you know it your babies are all grown. Always be in the moment! Carrol

    • Helena


      You always manage to leave me the most wise comments. You’re 100% right! Thank you!

    • Lorna

      I agree to a point with social media, it can be toxic, but when you’re a blogger like we are, it’s kind of a must. To keep everyone interested and your job going, social media comes with the package and it takes a lot to try and make everything perfect. It’s not easy to avoid it or just not go on it as it can be harmful to the career you have built around it, so I fully get you there, Helena! I get mad with it sometimes and I don’t have a child, just get overwhelmed.

      I agree on not sweating the small stuff though, it’s hard, but just take each day as it comes. One day is always so different to the next and I know it’s easy to be so critical, but try to embrace it all, like you are 🙂 I’m pleased your hairs growing back too and that you’re always so honest in your posts! A lot of people gloss over the honesty and glam things up, when reality is nothing like that xx.

  • Trendique

    Aww!!! This is such a cuteeee shot!!! <3


  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Although, I’m not a mother, but I sure have all the respect and understanding for the wonderful mothers out there. Being a mother is one of the greatest thing on earth and the effort goes on indefinitely! Hats off to all the things a Mother goes through … but on the bright side you’ll live to witness a beautiful transition of a little flower blooms so thoughtfully throughout the years. 🙂
    Such a lovely post.

    ?LA BIJOUX BELLA? | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Shadowy_lady

    Motherhood is tough work and I agree the hardest part is balancing motherhood with the old person you were. I found it very hard when I first went back to work and my daughter was 11 months old. But she is now 4 and I barely even remember those struggles as they have been replaced with preschooler stuff lol!
    I agree wirth Carrol here, live in the moment. Social media is not the real world, your family is.

  • SaRa

    As usual your blog is very relatable. Currently on my second maternity leave (in Quebec we get a full year… woo!) but even with this much “time” on my hands balancing it all remains a struggle. As cheesy as it sounds, both my son’s smiles always make me melt those feelings away.

  • Ewa Macherowska

    Beautiful post 🙂

  • Heidi

    Thank you so much for your honesty in this post! It’s easy to think that things always stay glossy and perfect and it’s refreshing to know that you struggle with the same things so many of the rest of us struggle with.

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  • Claire

    Wonderful and relatable post, as always! Being a mom is transformative in every way and in (usually) the best way possible! And you look beautiful in these pics.

  • Mireia

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Fariha

    I’m expecting my first right now and the balancing act makes me nervous. I keep wondering how I’m going to manage everything on my plate, but I think it all comes down to prioritizing, because from what I’ve heard from other experienced moms is the same as what you said: something will always get neglected, so prioritize and get whatever you can get done. I really hope I can stick to that advice! Also, you and your little one are adorable.


  • Gabrielle

    *Sending you a virtual hug* Love all of this advice! Can’t wait to read the pregnancy skincare post. I Just found out I am pregnant for the first time, super excited, but confused on how to continue shopping since not sure what my body will become lol. I messaged you on Instagram last week {perhaps a bad week!} but maybe you can do an early pregnancy post – did you quit caffeine? shopping tips? skincare tips? products you swore by and products you had to stop using!
    Chin up girl! Sadly social media can be a very toxic place, Keep your head up and don’t compare yourself to anyone else – which is so easy to do on social media :/. Just take it one day at a time. 🙂

  • Emme

    You look great & Nate is beyond adorable. I am waaay older than you & if I could give you one piece of advice…don’t be so hard on yourself…believe me, w/ social media, hundreds of critics are always available to criticize. Most important? Enjoy your husband, beautiful son & your interesting career.

  • Elena

    Honestly this post explains how I feel most days and I’m NOT a mother! Nor pregnant/nor do I intend to be any time soon. I have a feeling I’m always going to feel this way (what joy), and this posts sometimes make me think I shouldn’t even tread in to motherhood because I would just be a hot mess! Maybe.. one day I’ll get my shi! together and decide I can handlie it all, lol. For now I enjoy reading all about your experiences, and from the outside it seems like you’re doing a wonderful job.

  • nicole Sioui

    Social media has us all believing that the lives we see or that are being portrayed by bloggers are “perfect”. It’s good that you curb that illusion by making us aware that you are human and have ups and downs just like the rest of us. Your transparency is what keeps you grounded and keeps me visiting your site. Hey, life is not perfect, it’s what we make of it and I think you’re doing a damn good job at it! xxoo

  • Sel

    Dear Helena, a word of advice that my 50 year old self would have given to my 29 year old self (the age at which I became a mum) – be gentle, kind and forgiving of yourself. Today’s social media picture perfect world is an unrealistic representation of day to day life – the immaculate/perfect house, the landscaped backyard, the career woman who has everything in balance – career, partner, home, kids, fitness. It is a mirage and doesn’t exist and when I had my son at 29 I put enormous pressure on myself to achieve perfection in all aspects of my life. Did I achieve it? Yes, I did. What was the cost? My health. At the age of 39 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and adrenal fatigue. Was it worth it? No – it took a long time for me to regain my health back and place my auto-immune disorder into remission. Dear Helena, continue to take care of your health and your gorgeous family’s (that is what is most important) and do not let the other things bother you. Wishing you all the best, Sel.
    PS In relation to exercise and staying at a healthy weight – I have read in numerous health magazines that it is about what you eat (organic, unprocessed food) and not so much about putting in excruciating hours at the gym, but high intensity training. It may be something to look into if you are finding that you are spending a great deal of hours at the gym/exercising.

    • Sel

      Reading back my comment, I need to correct the statement that I achieved perfection in all aspects of my life. I DIDN’T. I was striving to achieve something that was unattainable but is portrayed as attainable.

  • Camille

    I love when you share more personal posts. Thank you. And I agree with Carrol – don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m taking that advice myself. At 3 months postpartum with my second child, I’m deep in the throws of body hate. Luckily, I finally started to do something about and I do realize it takes time. Woosah! Your little guy is super cute. Enjoy his birthday!!


  • Alyssa Amato

    This such a cute post! I’m not a mother, but I can’t wait to be someday! xx

  • Jalisa

    I love these mommy updates more than ever now that I’m pregnant myself, so I’m definitely looking forward to reading that skincare post because it can be a bit overwhelming researching what you should and shouldn’t use, there are SO many theories! I’d lean more into what you’ve done only because Nate was born and is still very healthy and no harm was done as a result of the products you’ve used; I’ve read some alarming articles, haha. I’m a Libra too, so I totally get you about moderation and I can’t give up those three either. Well, at least permanently. I’ve had to cut out wine, as you know, and I’ve limited my coffee intake to twice a week, since I only like my coffee strong (bold or pike at Starbucks, yup, real strong, haha). I can definitely relate to how you’ve felt regarding IG and social media in general, it really toys with your mind and emotions, especially when you feel like you’re doing all you can do and feel stagnant, but it seems as though everyone experiences this at some point, so consider it normal. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



  • Carrie

    Love this post! I am currently 4.5 months postpartum and am dealing with horrific hair loss. How long does this phase last? Did you do anything special to take extra care of your hair during this time?

    • Tasha

      It would also be great to hear your thoughts on postpartum skincare and makeup! My skin continued to change for a few months after my son was born, and finding makeup that could really make me look fresh (despite being oh-so-sleep deprived) has been a challenge. Finally came across a few staple items but I’m always on the lookout for what other mommas have as their go-to products.

  • Tasha

    It would also be great to hear your thoughts on postpartum skincare and makeup! My skin continued to change for a few months after my son was born, and finding makeup that could really make me look fresh (despite being oh-so-sleep deprived) has been a challenge. Finally came across a few staple items but I’m always on the lookout for what other mommas have as their go-to products.

  • Stapha Charleme

    Nate is such an adorable little boy. I can’t believe he’s almost one-year-old — it seems like he was born yesterday!

  • LesLeigh J. | The Inspired Life

    I can completely sympathize with the hair loss thing. My son is a little younger than yours, and my hair is starting to grow back but the baby hair is driving me nuts! I lost all the baby weight, but I lost my butt as well *sigh. I love my son, and he’s worth it, but it’s hard to get used to all the body changes. Thanks for sharing your struggles, Helena!

  • Monika

    I am a mother and went through all of this. Your insights are all completely right. Couldn’t agree more.

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