June 27, 2018

Our Urban Oasis Backyard!

Frontgate Backyard Decor of Urban Oasis Backyard

Outdoor Patio Decor, Frontgate, of Urban Oasis Backyard

Frontgate Backyard Decor, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Toddler Fashion, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Frontgate Backyard Decor, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Frontgate Backyard Decor, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Toddler in their newly renovated Urban Oasis Backyard Backyard

White Outdoor Couch Decor, Backyard Inspo, Frontgate, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

All Furniture from FRONTGATE | Tambora Modular Seating | Nadia Beverage Tub Coffee Table | San Miren Planter | Peek-a-Bloom Pillow | Velvet Dove Pillow | Caravan Stitch Pillow | Marvela Outdoor Rug | Stemless Glasses

Our Urban Oasis Backyard!

Finally sharing our backyard, something we’ve been working on for over a year!

We took a space that had so much potential, but that needed a fair amount of work. Living in a busy part of Brooklyn, you’ll often find yourself being side-by-side with your neighbors. In order for there to be a bit more privacy, we started out with building a white fence all around. After the fence, came the bluestones. We kept a small garden that wraps around the border of our yard, so the rest of the yard could be suitable for furniture and hanging out. It was Keith’s idea to get a pergola and I’m so happy that we did! Quite honestly, I would have never even thought of it, but it adds so much to the space. And of course, you cannot have a pergola without lights, which was the next obvious touch. We got our lights from Costco and needed 2 boxes.

The final and most impressive addition is the FRONTGATE furniture and accessories. Including the specific details above.  I’m also so excited to be featured and interviewed in  their newsletter. You can check it all out here, including the inspiration behind the full project. It’s hard to pick my favorite piece, but as I said in the interview, it might be the coffee table. I love the mix of stone and wood and the fact that there’s a space for beverages is one of the coolest features I’ve seen.

Thank you to FRONTGATE for partnering on this post

photos by Keith Hodne



  • Claresta defa

    Wow this is so beautiful and inspiring 😍✨Love the wonderful backyard!

  • Sam

    Congratulations on finishing this project. It looks amazing!

  • Faith

    It’s so beautiful! I can picture all the dinners that is going to be spent out there!

  • Mireia

    This is too cool!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Ray Amaari

    Such a perfect set up.


  • Natasha

    Wow, loving all the greenery. Dark wood and white accents make a great combo!


  • Sandy

    I love this, and you are so lucky because of your hard work to be able to get free things along the way that suit your brand. The normal everyday woman can not afford this. I can only dream of a yard like this.

    • Helena

      Hi Sandy, I completely agree and we do not take it for granted. I know that it’s very expensive, but I hope if anything, it serves as inspiration for anyone who wants to do something with their outdoor space.

  • Lizzie

    This is gorgeous! Any tips on keeping it clean in the rain/elements?

    • Ellice

      I would like to know the same!

  • Chloe

    Your back garden looks beautiful!

    Chloe x

  • Fatou

    I looove! Thanks for sharing

  • earn to die

    The article you have shared here is very awesome. I really like and appreciate your work. The points you have mentioned in this article are useful. I must try to follow these points and also share others.

  • Alicia Moore

    This looks amazing! I love Frontgate already. my first purchase was Christmas decorations over 5 years ago and I recently discovered their resort towels which wash and wear well so far (almost a year in). I really love that you show how you’ve incorporated your child in to the design because I feel sometimes people aren’t sure how to do that or forget to do that when planning.

  • Rach

    Your backyard is seriously GORGEOUS!! I love what you did with the space!


  • Sharon

    What an amazing space!! I would spend every night out there drinking rose and listening to the sounds of the city.

  • Pam

    It’s beautiful design layout and material! I’m sure that the normal everyday woman could get inspiration from this and duplicate it at their price point.

  • Katie Meshko

    It’s literal perfection!!! <3
    XO, Katie | http://www.meshkomoments.com

  • NyLa

    Hi! Omg! It’s beautiful to say the least. I’m soon going to be updating my backyard as well. I’m wanted to know your thoughts on pergola. I love it but contractor says that it gets a lot of bird poop! You have almost all of your stuff under it. How has it been for you? And also, where are all the plants going in winter?
    Would love to hear from you!

  • Laura

    Love your backyard! Great job redesigning it! I remember your before pics and what a difference. Can’t wait to see your remodeled bathroom and kitchen.
    On a completely different subject -any good, affordable Rose you recommend? I know you like drinking Rose and was curious to see if you have any recommendations. I have bought different brands and usually the most expensive ones are always better but buying expensive wine is not always doable -especially with the amount of wine my friends drink lol.

  • Ashley W

    This is maybe the most perfect backyard I’ve ever seen. WOW!! Amazing job, Helena (and Keith!).

  • Kate

    So gorgeous!!



  • webstagram

    How beautiful!! Wow!! I love how it turned out so much!

  • Nicole Sioui

    Gorgeous| A magazine worthy display!!!!

  • JO

    Totally love it is a dream, a true oasis, love the furniture, the color, looks so roomy 🙂
    great breakfasts, dinners and bbq

  • sudhaara

    What an amazing space!! I would spend every night out there drinking rose and listening to the sounds of the city.

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  • madhu

    How beautiful!! Wow!! I love how it turned out so much!

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  • Mary


    I just wanted to share a bit of info about using scotchgard on outdoor furniture. I am an interior designer and was in high end out door furniture sale for 5+ years.

    First, using scotchgard will typically void any fabric warranty. Usually the warranty is on average a year and I know you had this furniture for awhile, but it just something to note if you are recommending this to people. Most important though, outdoor fabric need to breath so that the cushion cores can dry if they get wet. When a cushion gets wet the moisture should go through the cushion, but when you scotchgard the fabric you are plugging the “holes” of the fabrics weave so you can actually end up trapping water in! Also, In using scotchgard too, it can actually make the fabric dirtier because you are giving the dirt something to stick to.
    Sunbrella fabric makes something called Rain fabric that has a special coating on the inside, but has vents on the underside of the cuisine for any water to escape that may have come in through the seems. Frontgate sells Sunbrella cushions, which is probably what you have so I have attached their cleaning guide. https://www.sunbrella.com/en-us/how-to-clean/clean-sunbrella-upholstery
    Lastly, if your cushions do get wet, stand them up on their knifes edge so that water can escape more easily through the zipper seem.

    Best of luck!


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