September 10, 2018

My New Posting Schedule!

woman in black and white dress for Posting ScheduleMy New Posting Schedule!

I know that recently, my posting schedule has been a bit all over the place. In the past year or so, I started saving my blog posts for when I had something “more” to share. Whereas, whenever I had a newer outfit, I’d be quicker to share it on Instagram than on the blog. I’m not entirely sure when that shift happened, but part of me started to wonder “do people even read blogs anymore?” When I gave a poll on Instagram, 50% of you said that you stick to Instagram since it’s quicker, which I totally get. However, I’ve also realized that there are still 50% of you that still prefer blogs over anything else.

The thing is, through all the changes, my blog has always been my baby.

I never wanted to be known as just an instagrammer, which hey, no shame in that, but it wasn’t entirely me. I come from the blogging generation and it’s something I vowed to fully get back into.

Also, whenever you hear blogging “pros” give tips on what they should be doing to succeed, consistency is always high on the list. My posting schedule started getting a bit erratic, which works for many, but I promised myself to be a little more structured. As a matter of fact, me putting it out there, will hold me accountable. That’s how that works, right? I am also fully aware that it helps all of you to know when to expect new posts.

With that being said, going forward, I’ll be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There will be instances where I might post on a Tuesday or Thursday, but at the minimum, expect M/W/F. Now, I would love some feedback from you! Do you prefer new blog posts to go up at midnight, at 7AM, at 9AM, at noon?

If there are particular post topics you wish to see, please let me know! Outfits will never go away, but many of you have been requesting more recipes, healthy eats, motherhood and continuing with my beauty posts. Again, if you have something else in mind, I would love to know! It helps me learn, grow and evolve in our ever changing digital world.

For those of you who’ve read this post from start to finish, thank you!





  • Theresa Allen

    Blogs forever!!! ☺️ Love reading your beauty/skincare posts, as well as your fashion of course!

  • Britni

    Glad you are going to posting more consistently, as yours is one of my favorite reads. I like posts going up early in day so that they are there when I have a chance to check throughout the day.

  • summer

    Im so happy you put up a posting schedule! I love reading your blog (your outfit posts give me life) and I prefer shopping through a laptop and not my phone/app/liketoknowit etc! I think I visit your blog at least 4-5x a week in hopes of a new post 😀 so thank you!

    Also I’d love a 7AM post, since this is how I start my morning, but really anything works. Thanks Helena!

  • Monica

    First time I post something in my 37yrs! Very excited with a schedule! Will love to see more of the renovation. Just bought a house and new ideas will come handy!

  • Anna

    Love your blog and have been following you for years! It’s like reading a really good magazine that covers beauty, fashion, motherhood, and recipes, so good job!! Also love morning posts so that I can catch up through the day.

  • NeaLe

    I’ve been reading your blog for years! I love your style. Keep posting good fashion and beauty. You’re a classic with some edge!. I also love your NYC recommendations and beauty too. And while I’m not a mother, I love reading your motherhood posts and love seeing sweet Nate! I’ll read your blog whatever time you post! You rock!

  • Ivete

    So happy to hear this, Helena! I always enjoy reading what you have to share whether it’s about fashion/style, Nate, food, and especially beauty. I’ve been following you since 2012(ish) and I’m so thrilled that you and your blog are still going strong.

  • Emilie

    I would love more posts about motherhood and your life in general – I think that’s what is so great about blogs versus Instagram! Instagram is all about the visual aspect, while blogs can be a bit more personal and about the writing. I also love love love your beauty shares! And that you take nice photos just adds a great touch to the posts.

    Also – anything with Nate in it is always a winner because he is the most charming toddler ever.

  • Emmeduc

    Great idea- I follow you on IG too- love all posts especially enjoy your beauty product reviews
    Also really enjoy outfits w/high/low clothing/accessories- nothing better than Chanel bag/pants from Zara

  • Lauren

    7am so I can read when my kids are eating breakfast!

  • Megan

    I only read you on your blog. I love the seeing all pics posted all over NYC. It’s 1 of the reasons I fell in love with your blog in the 1st place. I would absolutely love to see more of your posts from around the city. It makes me miss the city a bit less

  • Alexa Williams

    Yay! I’m so happy to hear that you’re going back to blogging on a schedule. I remember dribbling across you Blog years ago… now it seems like Instagram has taken over as the main platform for content. I love both! Thank you for not neglecting your blog.

  • Laurens

    Midnight! Then I can read it in the morning with my coffee.

  • Megan

    This makes me so happy!! I love Instagram, but blogs have my heart!

    Outfits always, I also love beauty and skincare. I would love posts on how you manage your closet. Are you a maximizer or minimalist? How do you decide what to invest in and what to save on?

    Timing doesn’t totally matter for me but I would say noon or 9.

  • RyaN M

    Love the idea of a blogging schedule. I really look forward to reading your posts! I’m old school and love reading blogs. My vote is midnight or 7am. The earlier the better since I do most of my reading first thing the morning.

  • Brooke Peterson

    The earlier in the day, the better! I love reading blog posts first thing in the morning. I read as I sip my coffee and settle in at work 🙂

  • Angelique

    I prefer anytime before noon! I usually read blogs during my lunch break and scroll Instagram/listen to stories in the evening.

  • Maria

    Love it! Always look forward to your posts. Love all of it, outfits, beauty, food and Nate. Just keep it coming 🙂

  • Emilia

    As much as I love Instagram I also love checking and reading your blog posts regularly! I love reading your thoughts and seeing numerous photos of your outfit! Not to mention, when looking for inspiration it’s nice to go back and look at your posts again 🙂 I love all of the content and I looooove your Friday round ups :)))

  • Wish Review

    Amazing dress! 😍I am so lucky to find your amazing blog, Your contents and style really inspired me a lot!

  • Khammy

    !!!! Yay sooo excited. It would be great if you did outfit suggestions for different occasions like regular workwear vs cocktail outfits. Etc. Beyond showing us that you’re wearing but what you styles you are buying.

  • Fatou

    This is amazing! I love this look!

  • Kat

    Blogs over insta! I love the story that goes with photo, Instagram doesn’t tell enough of the story… It’s just eye candy. Keep posting away… we’re still here!

  • Jessica

    Woohoo! Excited for more posts. I typically read blogs in the early afternoon or late at night

  • Kristina

    I will be expecting your new posts:)) always loved your blog, big fan. Personally, that is why I follow you, because you are more than an instagrammer. Keep up the good stuff:)))

  • Ewa Macherowska

    Amazing look <3

  • Kateřina Žabka

    I really don’t mind at what time you post as I’m in Europe and I’m just always happy there is new post from you 🙂 Your blog is among the last couple of blogs I do still read!

    I’d love more posts about recipes, motherhood and always skincare! As I’m pregnant at the moment, I’ll definitelly go back to these odl posts too 🙂

  • Mireia

    I think that 9am is the best!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Susan Dunlop

    Love that you’re going to be blogging a bit more! Would love to see more posts on your style philosophy. No preference for timing. I usually read at night as a relaxer after work.

  • Lorna

    So glad you’re going to be posting more! I’m an original blog lover and I found you via your blog, so I’m glad about this! I did the same thing when I put the poll on Instagram, but then I realised a lot of the people voting only use Instagram and probably didn’t know about the blog as well, so it can be a biased vote, so the fact you got 50% blog readers on Instagram, probably means you have a lot more over here that don’t even use Instagram as well so didn’t see the poll. That’s how I figure it works. Your blog posts are my favourite 😀

  • Faith

    All about the blog posts. Pictures are great but it doesn’t tell the full story. I vote for 9AM!


    very nice pict dude

  • drivers Asus

    So glad you’re going to be posting this post

  • after driver

    I really don’t mind at what time you post


    Love reading your beauty pictures… thanks

  • asus zenbook 3 deluxe ux490u Driver

    very awesome pict helena

  • Erin OLeary

    I love the new schedule! I’ve been following you for years and love to read your posts. IG is great, but with the blog you have the opportunity to share so much more. I love when you share recipes on IG, so seeing them here and being able to save/print them out would be awesome. I also love when you share home projects/decorating tips. And of course the Fashion! That’s how I found you and will always love seeing what you’re wearing. Posting anytime in the early am is great because I start my day with coffee and blogs … some habits will never change! -xx

  • Joann

    I AM excited! I like reading it in the a.m. (pref. around 10). Yours was the first blog I became ‘addicted’ to; and yours is the one where I stay most of the time. Why? Because you do high/low on fashion and accessories. Blogs with all high-end items are not a draw for me. Who can afford them? You talk about so many areas, but my most favorite are fashion and renovations. Your patio inspired me to put in those lights! Thank you! I get the feeling that you speak from the heart. So keep doing what you do best. THE BLOG! (I am not an Instagrammer!)

    A devoted reader……….

  • Shauna

    I’ve missed your posts! All of my favorites seem to have stopped posting on their blogs, and are Instagram only these days..makes me sad! My vote is more fashion posts and have them go up at midnight! XO


  • Alyssa Gianino

    yay! this makes me so happy. I have been reading your blog since the beginning and still pull it up in the mornings when I get to work. Would love the posts to be earlier! I really love the skincare things you share, pretty much anything honest. I love your outfits as well as long as there are some budget options linked. That is super helpful as I can’t afford a lot of the things you wear but still love the style! Thanks!!

  • Mary

    hey, life gets in the way,…ill not see things timely and then catch up…instagram…nah…i like a little more meat on my bones!Yr very real .. and i like that and its nice to read and get tips as well as share in yr life and times marriage/ home / baby …whose gets bigger & cuter everyday – take care!

  • Claudia

    I’m so happy to find your blog and I love to see more of yout posts!
    It inspired me a lot:)

  • Brittni

    So happy to hear you’re going back to your roots. I totally agree that having a set schedule is the best way to hold yourself accountable. Also gotta take a hiatus here and there when you need it. Welcome back!

  • cathryn

    Thanks so much for the update on blog posts! I was really hoping you wouldn’t stop posting, i love your blog and Instagram content, but I do consistently come to your blog each morning. I would vote for posting at midnight/7am, I love to read blogs with my morning coffee 🙂

  • Judy Nielsen

    Blog and at 7:00 – so enjoy seeing what’s new.

  • Mary


  • Spencer

    I would love healthy eats and motherhood in addition to fashion! Also, your home related posts have been awesome.

  • Rach

    Yes to focusing on blog content! I always enjoy reading your posts. I made sure I follow you on bloglovin so I never miss any post!

  • Antonia sapena

    👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍✌️✌️What you sugest sounds great. Enjoy reading all 💃💃👯‍♀️

  • Erika

    I prefer a morning post since I usually read them as I drink my coffee. And although I love me some IG I’m team blog all the way.

  • Heather

    I particularly love your skincare posts and posts highlighting accessories (bags and shoes!).

  • Dakara

    Blog blog blog! Never forget about the platform you own. People forget about that? It is not your site. You never know! Love your blog!

    • Dakara

      Should have said IG is not your site and people often forget that lol

  • Wendy


    I’m happy to read this. I have been following you for years. I first found you through your blog. It would be great to read your blog posts more often. You have always been among my favorite bloggers.


  • Nina

    Morning post would be great was to start the day . Being a first time mom I love hearing your motherhood stories and love how you dress your little one I have a little boy too and get inspired by all of his cute looks. I also love hearing about traveling with him gives me ideas and hope that I can bring my little one and still enjoy traveling. Looking forward to reading new post. Thank you!

  • Ali

    Just keep doing what you’re doing :o))) Love hearing about your life and especially Nate xoxoxoxoxo

  • Linda Garlandi

    Blog, blog and again blog! I’ve been checking instagram more lately just because there were no posts but I love to read what you write- and when I visited NY your advices were very useful- As an “acrosstheocean-reader” I would love your posts to go up at midnight so to have them fresh and ready for my morning coffee 🙂

  • Lisa

    Love the blog. I usually read it while having my morning coffee. I love the fashion, decorating and would love to hear more about your fitness regime. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing!

  • Jo-Lynne Shane

    I’m an old time blogger as well (going on 13 years!) and I still love reading blogs. I enjoy your IG and your blog – yours is one of the few blogs I subscribe to by email. I’m quite a bit older, ahem, but I get a lot of inspiration from your style. All that to say, keep blogging! I will read whenever I get an email, so posting time doesn’t matter much.

  • Amreen

    9 am is great! I love to see your blog for inspiration early in the morning!

  • alyssa

    The earlier the better! I love waking up and reading blogs as I start the day! Also, super happy that you are still committed to creating blog content as well as on Instagram. Your blog has been one of my favorites since I “found” you on TPF!

  • Erin

    Love your beauty posts and mom outfit posts. Like having the posts in the morning 🙂

  • Lisa

    I definitely prefer your blog over instagram! I don’t have an instagram and my work computer blocks social media sites. keep up the great work with the blog! also 7:30-8am is usually when I check 🙂

  • lauren

    First, let me tell you how much I LOVE your outfit. Tulle is one of my all-time favorite pieces. Is that three skirts or one? Also, I love reading blogs,because in addition to seeing fabulous fashions, I love getting an insider’s view into how other women think about fashion and what inspires them to put certain looks together.

  • Alicia Moore

    The only social media type platforms I use is LinkedIn for work and Pinterest. I love your blog! It is one of the only blogs I read and look forward to consistently.

    I will check in for new posts no matter what time of day you post. I enjoy all of your posts, especially your recent Motherhood and renovation posts.

  • Lisa

    Hi Helena, I’ve been reading your blog for years now and still love your posts! They are always a little more personal than just an instagram picture where hardly anyone reads its text below!
    Keep on doing what you’re doing, since you’re such an inspiring person! <3 from Austria, Lisa



  • Astha

    Wow amazing dress love your beauty tips looking so pretty

  • Saurabh Gupta

    Perfect look.

  • MOrgan


    I’m a follower who binges every month or so. However, I love that you are making it a point to hold yourself accountable and post on a schedule. I need to do this myself. As far as post I’d like to see, I love when you give us your list of favorites (i.e favorite coffee shop etc.) post. Fashion and NYC ones are always my fave because I’m terrible at cooking and only have nieces. lol Anyway, my favorite blog by far. 🙂 xo Melanin Monroe

    **site is down for now.

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