December 27, 2021

My Morning (Cold Weather) Skincare Routine


collage of Cold Weather Skincare Routine products

As the weather gets colder, I adjust my routine to incorporate more hydration! At night I tend to really layer on the “moisture sandwich,” (a separate post) and during the day, a few extra layers.

My Morning Cold Weather Skincare Routine

Here’s what I use:

Morning |


I wash my face with a few splashes of cold water. In the past, I used to use a drop of creamy cleanser but I’ve since stopped. Since my next step is toning, I didn’t feel the need to do both in the morning.


After cleansing, I follow with toner. Some mornings I’ll use Biologique P50 and on others, particularly when I want something very mild, I’ve really been liking this one from Innisfree. Just a nice, simple, inexpensive toner that preps my skin for the next step. I’ve been very pleased with the few products that I’ve tried from the brand.

Eye Cream: 

Next up, I apply an eye cream that is not only hydrating, but will also absorb well so I can avoid major concealer creasing. I’ve been really liking this one from Bobbi Brown. Genetically, I’ve never been one that struggled with dark under eye circles so I cannot comment on whether it helps that, but I love the texture of it.

Vitamin C: 

Then, I’ll follow with a Vitamin C. I love Skinceuticals C.E. Ferulic but after running out, I’ve been test driving some others because the Skinceuticals price is quite steep. I ordered this one from Obagi after hearing some great things and so far, I’m really impressed with it. Whatever product I’m using, 9 out of 10x I incorporate a Vitamin C because my skin loves it.

Hydration Layer: 

After letting the Vitamin C absorb into my skin (I’ll wait a few minutes), I apply a layer of Hyaluronic Acid.  My absolute favorite, especially in the winter, is the U Beauty Super Hydrator. It’s unlike any other HA’s that I’ve tried; it’s nice and thick rather than watery. But don’t let that fool you! It absorbs beautifully and adds a nice bounciness to my skin. Use the code HELENA to save 20% off any product from U Beauty.

Right now, they have their Preface Set available which includes their top products – great if you’re testing out products or need travel-sizes! It’s on sale for $158 ($214 value)  and you can get an extra 20% off with my code HELENA. I mentioned this set in my Holiday Sales post here but if you buy this or anything else between now & 12/20, you can still get free expedited shipping on orders $300+.

Face Cream + Tanning Drops

When the weather gets colder, I will use a face cream before applying my SPF. In the summer, I’ll usually skip this step as my skin gets too oily and the SPF tends to be enough. But for this time of year, I welcome the extra hydration. I continue to love Tatcha Dewy Skin. Whenever I apply it before SPF, I use just a little bit! When I use it at night, I put on a nice, thick layer of it.

I’ll often use this opportunity to get some tanning drops in. Usually 2-3 of Tan-Luxe (Light/Medium) drops mixed in with the Tatcha Dewy Skin. I’ve been known to also use the drops at night or mixed in with my tinted SPF but for me, this is the easiest way to apply.

SPF Protection: 

The last, and one of the most important steps, is SPF protection. These days I’ve been using the Saie Slip Tint (Shade 3) as my SPF of choice. It’s such a nice product, with glowy (sheer) coverage and never too drying or cakey looking. I really love it.

When I want a bit more coverage and the Slip Tint won’t cut it, I use a simple SPF before using face makeup (Westman Atelier Foundation Stick or Giorgio Armani Luminous Glow.) I’ve recently started using the SPF from Innisfree because it’s basic, to-the-point and well-priced. I tend to mix a little of the Innisfree with Supergoop! Glow Screen* because Glow Screen on its own is too much for me.

*I’ve had a few people message me to express concern that mixing the two formulas can mess with the chemistry but when I asked my derm, she said it was fine. I’m looking into it some more so if there are any additional updates, I’ll share.

Cold Weather Skincare Routine products

Additional Things:

On mornings that I’m just hanging around and working from home, I enjoy going the extra mile. Here are a few things that I do before the routine above:

Light Boost Mask:

I add the Light Salon LED Mask into my routine if I have time! Sometimes it’s right after toning and some mornings I’ll use it before I even wash my face. There’s no real right way to use it, but I do prefer it on dry skin rather than when I have a face full of products. I have a full review here and it’s been one of the biggest game changers for me. Redness is toned down and my skin just feels stronger after I use. Use code BrooklynBlonde20 to save 20%.

A Face Mask: 

Before my above routine, if I have the time and energy, I’ll often use straight-forward face mask. The type I tend to use varies based on what my skin needs at the time. Right now, I’m alternating between Biologique Masque Vivant when I need an overall skin boost (holy grail favorite in life), Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask when I need brightness & clarity, and Farmacy Honey Potion for when I need hydration.

Hope you found this helpful! Night routine coming soon.



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    So many great sounding products! The Tatcha is firmly on my wishlist, I’ve heard so many rave reviews

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    Can you please do a IGTV on this or like a reel sharing your everyday skincare and makeup routine and products you use?

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  • Christine

    I always loooove your skincare routine updates. You’re my go-to guru! Would love to know more about the Obagi vit C when you’re done with it. Just re-ordered CE Ferulic on sale, but would still love a more wallet-friendly alternative. Happy New Year! Much love, C

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    Follow your skincare & BR is my holy grail- quick question- can you use the P50 in the AM & in the evening , after cleansing face, can you use Retinol (not w/P50)

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    Love your recommendations! Thanks so much for always being so descriptive and sharing 💕

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