October 4, 2022

My Favorites from September


woman in white silk dress as one of her favorites from SeptemberHappy October! While I’m a little sad to see September go, I do love me some October. Peak fall weather, Keith’s birthday, Halloween and generally just a good time all around.

My Favorites from September:

I do have some favorites from the past month that I’d love to share:

Zara Dress:

On my actual birthday, Keith and I spent the day being tourists in the city. Between lunch and dinner, we went back to our room so I can change into this dress. I wanted something I felt good in, but that was also comfortable knowing we’d be doing our fair share of walking. I loved it so much that I went back to get the black. It’s priced well and just an easy piece to have in your closet. I’m wearing a medium in the above photo. Paired with these Loeffler Randall boots which are also incredibly comfortable. I walked for hours in them! I sized up 1/2 a size.

Agent Nateur Lash & Brow Serum:

Most lash serums cause my lids to get pretty red and irritated. I’ve been using this one for the last few weeks and while it may not work as quickly as others, there has been zero irritation. To my surprise, my lashes feel and look healthier. The results are subtle, but I’m excited to see what they look like in a few months. I also love the applicator. It’s a traditional wand which makes it so easy to use and apply. I typically use on my lashes and finish with my brows.

Gee Beauty:

I’ve been planning on writing a dedicated blog post on Gee Beauty for awhile. Over the past six months, I’ve developed so many favorites from them. To start, their brushes are some of my favorites. I use the Prime Skin Brush to apply liquid makeup, whether I’m wearing something like a tinted moisturizer, Gee Beauty Prime Skin or something a bit heavier like the Armani foundation. No matter which route I go, this brush is a dream and makes everything apply even better. I also love The Contour Brush, that I’ll pair with the Contour Stick (in biscuit) from Westman Atelier. I’m not a makeup pro at all, but this combo makes it so easy.

woman trench coat as one of her favorites from SeptemberKhaite Dallas Boots:

I honestly didn’t think I’d splurge on a pair of cowboy-eque boots, but I ended up falling in love with these. I’ve already worn them many times and aside from looking pretty cool, they are so comfortable. While they’re pictured here under these jeans, they look great with a skinnier jean or with dresses and skirts as well.

Westman Atelier Vital Drops:

If you’re someone who likes a light and dewy coverage, these are for you. If you’re someone with a dryer complexion, these are also for you. Very dewy, very natural and very “your skin but better.” I will use the Gee Beauty Prime Skin brush to apply (often adding a pump of Saie Glowy Super Gel in Radiant Finish) and my skin just glows. I wear color III or IV if I have self tanner on.

Oribe Hair Alchemy Range:

Oribe is always one of my favorite hair brands, but the Alchemy range in particular is a favorite. It’s hard to understand what it fully does, but I just notice that my hair looks and feels better when I use it.

Jura E6 Coffee Machine:

This was my birthday gift to myself and thankfully, I was able to apply a bunch of Amazon points to buy it. Again, another item I contemplated for a very long time, but now that it’s part of our life, I wish I didn’t wait so long. It makes the coffee taste so good and makes me excited to get out of bed. Also sold at William Sonoma. 

Drinkwel Supplements:

September was my birthday month (the 28th) and a month of many celebrations and whole lotta cocktails. On the nights when I had one too many, I take these before bed and I’m convinced it helps me not wake up feeling normalish. Paired with these natural, sugar-free electrolytes, it’s a winning combination.

woman taking a selfie I have an entire instagram highlight and a post dedicated to the purchase of the small Bottega Jodie. It’s a purchase I deliberated for awhile, wondering if the cost would be justified. About a month into owning it and I love it more and more with each wear.  It’s breaking in beautifully, comfortable and it fits quite a lot. I plan on posting a detailed review after owning it for a bit longer, but it’s definitely my most worn bag at the moment. Above I paired with AGolde Denim and older boots from Mango.

This Time Next Year: Just finished this last night and I really enjoyed it! Took me a bit to get into it, but once I did, I couldn’t put it down.



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