November 14, 2016

Motherhood: A Six Month Update


This should probably be titled the 6.5 month update! Oops. So much has changed since my last update that it’s almost hard to keep up. There are some days, that I watch him, lying in his crib and I swear, he looks different than he did the previous evening.  These past few weeks, it feels like he’s morphed into an actual person rather than a little baby. His personality is starting to shine through and it’s completely fascinating to watch. Here’s what’s happening with us:

His Last Checkup:

Weight: 17.9lbs

Height: 28.9 inches long


I thank my lucky stars that Nate has been sleeping through the night. While I know it may not last (so I’ve been told), I feel like I’ve won the sleeping lottery. We start his routine around 6:30-6:45PM and he goes to sleep around 7:15-7:30. He currently has two long naps a day and one short one.

His first nap will be two hours after he wakes up. So for example: if he gets up at 6:30 AM, which he usually does, he goes down for his first nap at 8:30 AM. After he wakes, usually around 10AM, he’ll go down for his second nap two hours after that, so typically around 12PM and that will last about two hours. He will either nap in his crib or the stroller and if necessary, the car seat. His last nap will be a quick 30 minutes, typically around 4:30-5. That last one has been a little tricker and it doesn’t always work out. On those days, he’s extremely cranky by 6PM and I have to whip out all of my tricks to stretch him to 6:30-7PM.

Before he goes down for the night, our routine consists of lotioning up, PJs, sleep-sack, white noise machine and a bottle. I bathe him every other night, so I wouldn’t call it a key part of our routine. For all other feeds, I feed upon waking, but before he goes down for the night, I give him a 7oz bottle. It works for us!


As I mentioned in the past, I started supplementing with Holle formula when he was 2.5 months old. I power pumped, met with a Lactation Consultant, but even after that, I had to come to terms that I wasn’t producing enough of my own milk. Once I introduced Holle, it was a real game changer. He was finally able to get full and this contributed to him not crying and waking up from hunger. While I felt very guilty at first, it was the best decision for everyone involved. He’s done so well on it. Never one issue and I’ve recommended to other friends and they’ve been just as happy.

*Update: I recently switched from Holle to Lebensworth. They’re owned by the same Holle company, but Lebensworth is considered to be slightly better because it contains lactose instead of maltodextrin. However, they’re both still the best formulas in the market!


Baby & Dog:

Remember a couple of months ago, I expressed by concern about my Mini Schnauzer, Pete? I gave an update on instagram. On the other hand, our other dog (above), Mika, is in love.

Introducing Solids:

Before Nate was born, one thing I often thought about was how to prevent having a picky eater. Is there even a way? Keith and I are big foodies and will eat virtually anything, so raising our son with the same outlook, was an important thing to us.

I read about Baby Led Weaning and I thought that would be something we’d so be on board with, but now that we’re there, it scares me. Ah! Have any of you gone that route? What are your thoughts? Currently, we’ve been giving him some pureed fruit for breakfast and then some pureed veggies in the late afternoon.

The Physical Changes:

Hair Loss: as all new mothers, I was dreading this and praying that I’d be spared, but sadly, I wasn’t. It started a little after four months and just recently tapered off. At one point, it got so bad, that I was afraid to take a shower and comb my hair. Thankfully, I think we’re at the end of that phase and I’m noticing a ton of new regrowth. This also means that I have lots of attractive new baby hairs and flyways. At first, I thought it was breakage, but my stylist assured me that it wasn’t. That made me feel slightly better, but either way, it kind of sucks.

Weight: I am back to my pre baby weight, but that didn’t happen without a lot of hard work. I cut out dairy, I only allowed myself carbs in the morning (and on weekends, in moderation) and for the rest of the day, I just ate a ton of greens, lean proteins and healthy fats like avocado, nuts and almond butter. I also walked a lot! I’d strap Nate in the stroller and we would go for several miles a day, usually during his two hour nap.

In the beginning, I actually gained weight as my body was establishing its milk supply. Even though I was eating well and working out, it didn’t make a difference. If you’re currently in the same situation and wondering why the weight isn’t coming off, it is normal. Please don’t panic!  Once I hit the three month mark, that’s when I started to see the scale (and my pre-pregnancy jeans) budge. Keep in mind, it’s different for everyone. Some women wont lose until they completely wean.

Booty: Okay, I was NOT prepared for this one. I was prepared for the hair loss and I was prepared for my stomach and breasts looking different, but I WAS NOT prepared for my booty to shrink. Apparently, it’s quite common, but I was first shocked, then slightly sad. I’ve made it a point to do 15 minutes of abs and 15 minutes of squats 3-4x a week. I am determined to whip both back into shape! Jen Selter who? I kid, I kid.

Personal Life Balance

Keith and I are still continuing to rotate our Friday nights, which has been working out well! On Halloween, it was our first time using an actual night babysitter where we went out together, with all of our friends! It felt so good to all be out, but I’ll tell you what, waking up at 6:30AM, after going to bed at 2AM and having a few drinks, not so much fun.

So that’s summing up six months of life in a nutshell! It’s been such a roller coaster, but the best possible one!





  • Tiffany H

    Looks like you are settling into motherhood well! I also would be devastated to lose my booty. Keep squatting, it’ll come back.

  • Heather Hammel

    I’m so dreading the possibility of hair loss and the whole weight loss issue since my wedding is just barely over 5 months after I give birth. I know, I’m crazy, but we had the date pretty much set before I found out I was pregnant and I didn’t want to push it back any further.

  • Lauren

    She’s so cute! She really looks like you too x

  • Fashion and Frappes

    Your updates are so honest and so great. Honestly, I think I could just use some of the healthy eating advise you gave even generally in life. The whole thing about making sure your baby isn’t a picky eater is interesting. Maybe just introducing him to foods he you are eating and different kinds of food should be great. Let us know how it goes!

  • Jo

    Just a well dressed handsome boy! New moms must love these post great info, realistic and encouraging. Your a great inspiration to us all

  • Ola

    Hi Helena,
    I have daughter (nine months old) and we started our fun with solids by giving her pureed carrots and generaly vegetables. It is said that a baby who started with veggies is less picky than a baby who eats fruits to begin with. It worked, now Lilly eats almost everything and we don’t have to worry about her dinner. For breakfast she also has a porridge made with formula and fruits.

  • Alyssa

    Sounds like you are adjusting to motherhood well! You look fab! xx

  • Shadowy_lady

    Baby led weaning rules. We did that with my little one starting 6 months. It makes life so much easier. But I tell you even that does not prevent picky eaters lol! It’s just your luck kinda like the sleep thing, you just gotta be flexible when you have kids and role with it. The only thing BLW does is making parents life easier.

  • Diana

    You are doing such an awesome job! What I really love (and was actually thinking about before I looked at your page during my mid-work break lol) is that you are by far the only “blogger” that I’ve continued to follow after having a baby. I know it sucks to say but most of the bloggers I use to follow changed a lot after having their baby, which is not a bad thing! just not something a single 27=year old can relate to.

  • Sel

    Hello Helena, try not to worry about whether or not Nate will be a fussy eater. As he grows, just keep on introducing new foods for him to try. The food that he rejects, try again at a later date. My son was a fantastic eater and I thought I was very fortunate that he was not fussy and that he would never be fussy. Then at the age of three, to my dismay, he started being fussy (particularly with fruit and vegetables). The only vegetables that he would eat were carrots, pumpkin and sweet potato and the only fruits were the tart tasting fruits. So every night (until the age of 8 or 9) I cooked sweet potato, carrots and pumpkin for him but had him eat portions (small at first) of the other vegetables that I had prepared for the rest of the family. At school, he did not want any sort of vegetable. His lunch was tuna sandwich one day, two hard boiled eggs the next day. Rotated EVERY single day for FOUR YEARS. I could not wrap my head around the fact that he never tired of eating the same two foods for lunch. But the trick is not to give up on introducing new and reintroducing rejected foods and cuisines. My son is now 19, and thankfully, from the age of 12/13 has no longer been fussy with vegetables or any food/cuisine. Although, he does not like the taste of anything sweet and never has (including sweet tasting fruits). To this day, he does not like the taste of ice cream, cakes, chocolate, biscuits etc. Which is not a bad thing. Enjoy the motherhood ride – they are loving, funny and exasperating little creatures. ?

  • Alexia

    You have a beautiful family!!

    Check out my first post:
    passion project | // Born Bred Be

  • Erin

    My friend did baby led weaning with her twins starting at 6 mos or so and she said it made her life so much easier! I was so impressed when I would visit and she just set them up with bite size food for them and they fed themselves. I had never seen that prior and it was a game changer! She would give them fruits, bite size meat, veggies, avocado, you name it and they ate it all.

  • Caitlin

    Another blogger I read just did a post about this –

    My baby is 3 months old, but I want to learn more about this because it seems like such a cool concept!

  • sasa

    too cute:P

    Shall We Sasa

  • nat

    he is so gorgeous
    my nephew is the fussiest eater, i think steering clear of using food as rewards to stop crying or something would really help!
    all the best

  • Carey

    I really wish I had known about the weight thing before I had my son, I felt so bad about myself because the weight wasn’t budging.. with the next one less than two months away I’m so glad I know all this stuff. I also lost my butt after my baby, I was so bleak! This pregnancy I have been trying to do way more squats etc to try keep everything in place.

  • Kristie

    Adorable baby! Congratulations!

  • Monika

    Wow, so much to learn!

  • Camille Cochran

    I love updates like this from new mammas. So glad your little is thriving and sounds like things are pretty good for you too. Motherhood and all that comes with it changes you so much – worth it but glad that we have information on keeping it real, lol! And his eyes though… 🙂

  • Judi Hume

    He is adorable, and you look terrific! This grandmother really enjoyed reading the update!

  • Five Nights At Freddy's

    Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field.

  • Emily

    I didn’t plan on using baby led weaning but my little one wasn’t a fan of the spoon, so we tried it. It’s not as scary as you think. There are plenty of sites out there that tell you which foods to start with and how to steam or cut them. My daughter loves it & in turn, has become
    More friendly with the spoon now 🙂

  • Lauren T

    Hi Helena – first time commenting – LOVE your blog! I’m not a mom, but I was watching an interview with Anthony Bourdain and he said that he would never pressure his daughter to eat anything. He would wait for her to spark interest in trying what he was eating, then let her – now she’s a very adventurous eater. Best of luck!

  • nicole sioui

    Motherhood is significantly life-altering and rewarding! Your doing a great job!

  • Ev

    I absolutely love reading these posts! I’m not a mom yet and won’t be for another year or more, but I like how you honestly talk about the changes and how it makes you feel, tips on how to cope with it. It also kind of reassures me that whenever I’m taking the big jump, and feeling insecure, I’ll have these posts to come back to!

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