January 11, 2018

Monthly Favorites in Beauty {January}

Monthly Favorites in Beauty, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Being smack in the middle of winter, my face (and lips) crave a little extra TLC. This month, the focus is on prevention, extra hydration and maintaining a glow, even in January. Continue reading for some of my favorite products, including how I’ve started incorporating professional peels and lasers into my routine.

Beauty Favorites, Erno Laszlo Sleep Mask, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Sleep Mask: Whenever my skin is looking dry, haggard or tired, especially in this weather, I live for this stuff. Typically, I’ll wash my face, use my Biologique P50, a hydrating serum and apply this on top. In the morning, my skin looks plumper, dewier and so much more refreshed. It’s not cheap, but I find that it really lasts for a long time. I’ve gotten a few close friends hooked and they agree, it’s worth every penny.Beauty Favorites, Sarah Happ Lip Scrub, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

The Lip Scrub By Sara Happ: More than anything else, my lips really suffer in the winter. I’m already a self confessed lip-balm addict, so when my lips feel the slightest been of dryness, they freak out. Of course I have my favorite products for keeping them feeling moisturized (LANEIGE sleeping treatment, Aquaphor and Lano Lips), but aside from those, I’ve been loving how they feel after I exfoliate with a lips scrub. It does the best job at removing all of the dead skin and leaves them feeling so soft. Follow this scrub with your favorite lip treatment and it will melt right in.

Beauty Favorites, Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder - Translucent, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder ‘Translucent’: My favorite translucent powder out there. On the days that I wear makeup, this stuff sets it so beautifully without ever looking cakey or dry, even in the winter. It never interferes with other makeup and gives off such a beautiful, subtle finish.

Beauty Favorites, PCA Skin Brightening Treatment, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

PCA Skin Intensive Brightening Treatment: For the past few months, I started going to Kevin at Kur Skin Lab for a series of laser treatments and peels. Whenever I’m there, I ask Kevin, who is so knowledgeable and kind, a million questions. I like to know everything. What treatments and products are his favorite and all of the in between details.  In general, he speaks wonders about the PCA line, but when I asked “which one product should I be using?” The answer was retinol. I already knew this, but I always like to hear the same thing over and over again. He swore by the PCA retinol, so I’ve incorporated this into my routine 3x a week. I never use it with any other exfoliations (manual or chemical) and I like to use a moisture barrier before applying so my skin doesn’t get overly dry.

Side note: I started going to Kur after Keiko highly recommended them. She did a series of peels there, which you can read  about here. Full disclosure: Keiko got complimentary treatments, but spoke so highly of them, it made me purchase my own package. If you do decide to go, make an appointment with Kevin and he will help you figure out what your skin needs most. If you happen to not live in the NYC area, check out the PCA website to see where they offer services in your area. PCA only partners with the best and the right professional will help you figure out what your skin needs to get it to the place you want.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator ‘Devotion’: Once I started using a highlighter, my face is not complete without one. Even on the days that I’m wearing minimal makeup, I apply on top of my blush and my face just comes to life. The Laura Mercier one is light, goes on beautifully and gives the perfect natural glow. Plus, it always looks so great in photos!

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