April 20, 2014

Life’s Pleasures

above photos by Linda Xiao

Some of you might remember that a few months ago, Keiko and I rented a “creative space.” I have to say, it’s really so great to have a place to work out of; a place to get the creative juices flowing (and a place that also serves as a photo studio). Keith and I love to go there in the evenings, put on some jazz music, pour ourselves a glass of wine and just hangout and brainstorm. The other great thing about our space is having the ability to have parties, both large and small. I love entertaining, especially when it’s for no reason, except to be around the people I love. Isn’t that what life is about?  We don’t need a special occasion and sometimes it can be easy to forget that.  In honor of simply celebrating life and upgrading the everyday, I’ve partnered with one of my favorite wine companies, Ecco Domani, to throw a little party. Earlier in the week, I invited a few of my close girlfriends over to the space and began the planning. 

The Party Prep 
 1. First things first, I wanted to get some bright accents to liven up the area. I picked up some bright vases for the flowers,brightly colored pillows and lastly, some beautiful coffee table books. We’re currently using a vintage trunk (which belongs to Keiko’s boyfriend, Bobby) as the coffee table, so the juxtaposition between the trunk and the other touches is quite nice.

2. I made a pit stop at my favorite cheese shop and picked up the essentials: a variety of cheeses, nuts, crackers, grapes, olives and fig jam. Obviously the perfect compliment to the wines.

3. I served the Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio and Merlot, so there’s something for both the white and red wine drinkers. The Merlot has been mine and Keith’s favorite and lets just say, it hasn’t lasted long in our house.


The Outfit
I will use any excuse to dress up because really, it makes life so much more fun, no? Itching to wear something springy, I went with this bright yellow dress. I purchased it last year for a wedding and have gotten so much use out of it! Topped off with a bright red lip, red nails, lots of gold ringsa leather jacket and my trusty black pumps
After everyone arrived, I was excited to sit back, relax, enjoy some wine and just laugh and be silly with my friends. It’s those type of moments that I treasure so much. The biggest thanks to Ecco Domani for being part of our night.

The Best Giveaway!
Last, but certainly not least, I’m hosting the best giveaway I’ve ever hosted. Seriously…
 Ecco Domani asked me to curate some of my favorite things and I put together a luxury travel package which includes an iPad Mini, a Louis Vuitton Passport Cover, a Tumi Carry-On, Frends Headphones and more!! I want to enter my own giveaway.

 To enter, head on over to their Facebook page. Good luck!

Rest of the photos by Keith Hodne
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