September 3, 2021

Life Lately | September 2021


woman wearing coatThis is an older photo, but makes me realize how much darker my hair is now! Definitely planning to add some brightness and lightness soon.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it’s September. The biggest thing going on is that Nate will be starting Kindergarten in less than two weeks. A completely new school with so many more children. Normally, I wouldn’t be quite as anxious about it, but in this Covid world, especially with masks being required, the nerves & sadness is still a bit there.

On the flip side, I’m celebrating a big birthday on the 28th and just booked a little trip with a few of my girlfriends that I’m quite excited about. I haven’t taken a real trip (on a plane, sans kids) in far too long.

Life Lately September 2021


woman wearing white top and black pants for life lately september 2021

Inspired By:

The beginning of September always gets me excited for dressing up and years later, the one person whose outfits I practically drool at is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Granted, it’s easy to look good when you look like her and have the access that she does, but nonetheless, I enjoy practically every outfit she posts on Instagram, which sadly, these days is not often enough. If you don’t follow her, she’s @rosiehw on Instagram.

interior design concept with wood furniture image via the Citizenry designed by Urbanology Designs. 

I’m equally inspired by so many interior images, but this one really does something to me. The contrast of light and dark and all of the rich textures is just breathtaking. We got our dining room table a few weeks ago and this weekend, we’re expecting our chairs to arrive. Channeling this!

an update on life lately september 2021 with book cover of Made for Living


I mentioned in this post that I finished The People You Meet on Vacation and now I’m back to rereading Made for Living by Amber Lewis. So many great interior tips and such inspiration. She recently launched a collaboration with Anthropologie and I ordered two of these lamps in the smaller size.

woman wearing new balance sneakersNew Balance Sneaker (true to size, but if in between sizes, size down) | Herring Bone Anklet (sold out – similar here) | BestFriend Anklet. 


After getting this grey pair of New Balance 327’s, I recently added another color into my closet. They’re just so comfortable and add such a nice addition to a super casual, sneaker look. The annoying part is that certain colors sell out so quickly, but it seems that they restock and different color variations pop up often. I also got another color of this BB Dakota shacket and this bodysuit in black which fits well! I got a size 2.


The top thing that comes to mind is a Khaite belt. I don’t know which one, but I’m thinking this one or this. Next (and maybe I’ll put them on my birthday wishlist) are these earrings.  I saw Brooke from Somewhere, Lately post them and I cannot stop thinking about them. PS: All Ring Concierge is 20% off through Monday including the earrings I always wear. 

How about you? What are you reading, watching, listening to? What are you lusting after? Please share! I’d love to know.



  • Jacie T

    Hey you mentioned that you’re more nervous this year (kindergarten), especially with masks required; what do you mean by that?

    • Helena

      A bit uneasy about him starting a new school and a bit sad that my 5 year old (due to our current world) has to be in school wearing a mask all day. That’s it.

  • Sasha Jeter

    Hi Helena!

    I can totally relate. I have a second grader and a kindergartener that started this year. And it truly is sad to see them in masks. I look back at videos and pictures of what life was and it was so precious we took it for granted. It’s crazy out world today. And for children. But children are resilient, and my children always seem to amaze me.

    You definitely influenced my recent purchase of the new balance sneakers! Comfortable and yet they elevate a casual outfit.

    Something I’m lusting…. Oh gosh so many things! Wish I had all the money lol but one thing are the Gucci loafers. I’m so torn between the mules or the loafers. What would you say? Also lusting over your chandelier. The Ellen one. I just have to convince my husband lol.

    Have a great night!

    • Veronika

      I know you didn’t ask for my opinion but get the loafers!!! You will not regret at all! I promise you. One of the best purchases I made. They’re like butter.

    • Helena

      Yes! Veronika is right. They’re really like butter and such a classic staple. I say go for it! And I’d vote loafers > mules personally.

  • Veronika

    I am stressing over finding kindergarten for my now 4 year old girl. She’s turning 5 next year. And I just found out that our zoned school isn’t that great. So my anxiety is slightly through the roof. Apparently where we live, it is by zone. So. I’m just going to pray 🙏 lol

  • LaranE tate

    Oh I completely agree, I do not want my kids in a mask either. So nervous for them. They should be maskless and if they get infected we know they’ll get over it.

    • Barbara Frank

      Or maybe not get over it? Think about what your saying.

    • Rach Vich

      Totally agree. I am a long way off – I have a 9 MO, but I am sad for the ongoing masking.

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  • Caroline

    I know what you mean RE school. My 6 year old started Kindergarten in a new school last year with masks, and again now in 1st grade, even outdoors where there is almost no chance of spread. She doesn’t complain, but did tell me today she misses seeing her friends “reactions” to things. Heart breaking. Praying this too shall pass and our kiddos can have a normal childhood soon! xx

  • ttl45

    very beautiful

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