July 8, 2020

Life Lately | July 2020

Life Lately | July 2020Blazer (wearing a small) | Pants | Glass

Hi! Rather than dedicating this post to a specific topic, I felt inclined to share a little update on a few things that are currently going on in my life. What’s inspiring me, July plans, what I’m watching, what I’m wearing and so on…

Life Lately | July 2020

July Plans:

With Nate not being in camp this summer, we’ve been trying to find creative ways to occupy our time. We’re planning a few little road trips, one at the end of this month and one in August. We rented a large house in upstate New York and plan to do a lot of cooking and just hanging outside. I hope that in a year from now, we’ll have an away home of our own. Only time will tell!

Life Lately | July 2020image via my domaine

Inspired By:

Prior to everything happening in this world, we started the process of redecorating our bedroom and updating our living room. Everything came to a screeching halt, but slowly, I’m feeling the urge to pick those projects back up. For our bedroom, I’ve been gravitating towards a darker wall with warmer accents, bright white pops and lots of greenery from Keith’s plants (a non negotiable). I love the above photo.

Life Lately | July 2020


I’ve been kind of late to the quarantine TV binging game. Rather than starting months ago, I didn’t watch a single show until a couple of weeks ago. I recently finished Unorthodox (absolutely loved it) and now I’m knee deep in Normal People on Hulu. Another show I cannot get enough of! I’m almost done, but since it’s a show that I’m watching solo, finding the time to finish is the trickiest part. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for new shows to watch, I highly recommend either of them. Next on the list, based on so many of your messages: High Fidelity, Little Fires Everywhere and Insecure.


Admittedly, I fell off the reading wagon. I always equate reading to working out. Once you fall off, it’s so hard to get back on track! But once you do, it’s something you crave. I’d love to get back into a reading groove and I plan to pick something light from Grace’s Book Club list. 

Working Out:

I’ve been pretty consistent with working out 4-5x a week. I do a mix of Melissa Wood Health and my Peloton bike (a lengthy post coming soon). Honestly, even if I didn’t have my bike, the Melissa Wood pilates style workouts are incredible. My body craves them! In the past, I only felt accomplished if I worked out for at least an hour. These days, as long as I get 20-30 minutes in, I feel great. On most days, I do it more for my mood and mental health than for anything else.

Life Lately | July 2020Shopping:

In terms of clothes and accessories, I got a few new things that I’m excited about. To start, I got these chic loafers. They remind me of the loafers from The Row, but at a fraction of the cost. I thought they’d be a good fall shoe, but I’ve already found myself wearing them quite often. They’re also incredibly comfortable, with zero breaking in required. I find they run true to size.

I also got this lounge set in two colors (grey and navy). Initially, I got the grey and I loved it so much, I ordered the navy a few weeks later. It’s comfortable, washes well and it’s basically all I’ve been wearing around the house, especially with the AC pumping. I purchased it in a small.

In terms of skincare, I’ve repurchased some of my favorites from Skinceuticals: the C E Ferulic, The Triple Lipid Restore (one of my favorite face creams to alternate with) and their HA. I’m also very curious about this renewal B3 and this Renew Overnight Dry. Has anyone tried?


Hope you enjoyed this post! Thinking it might become a monthly one.





  • Janine

    I very much enjoyed this post! 🙂 Your plans for July sound great, wishing you the best time!
    xx Janine

  • Jess

    Thank you for the Normal People rec! Ignored my life for a few days – couldn’t stop watching! There are playlists on Spotify from the show that are so good 😘

  • Carla

    Where is your disc necklace from?

  • Angelica

    THESE LOAFERS ARE BEYOND CUTE- With an all white outfit 😍😍😍
    You look amazing, the bedroom set up amazing…
    Hope you have an amazing July

    XX Angelica

  • Jac

    Can’t wait to see the kitchen and bedroom updates

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