February 6, 2018

My Journey with Invati Advanced


Made in Partnership with Aveda

A few months after I had Nate, I was very upfront with how much postpartum thinning I experienced. It was one of those things that a few women casually warned me about, but I didn’t realize just how bad mine would be. It was absolutely devastating. While I know I sound dramatic, I was shocked, depressed and made it my mission to see if there was anything I could do to help with the thinning. Like I typically do in these situations, I began researching like crazy and asking the hair experts I really trusted.

I tried several things: hair supplements, I stopped using as much heat (so hard) and after chatting with my colorist (David) at FOURTEENJAY, he recommended I start using the Aveda Invati Advanced line. He gave me instructions and said “it really does work, you just have to use it regularly for several months.” I vowed not to expect overnight results and started using the entire line.

Between everything, by a month later and I was slowly starting to see results. It was not a dramatic difference, but enough for me to start noticing on myself. My hair feels slightly thicker and stronger, which is major!

Full transparency: while this is an official partnership, I was recommended the line (which I included in my favorites here) before Aveda reached out to partner with me. The plan is to update you on my journey with Invati Advanced over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!



  • docdivatraveller

    Even I am fighting with post partum hairfall!. PS I love your home…its so pretty+cozy!

  • Jae

    Helena, I love that your posts are always succinct, to the point. Do you use all three products from the line?


    • Nicole sioui

      A year or two ago I started noticing that my hair was thinning (not the same reason as you) and it’s starting to scare the crap out of me! I have fine hair to begin with so I haven’t a strand to spare! Does this line help all types of hair loss, and does the hair just feel thicker or is actually thicker due to regrowth? Thanks again for another post that hits home!

      • Helena

        Hi Nicole!

        I can understand your frustrations as when my hair started falling out, it was like my security blanket was being wiped away from me.

        I do feel that it’s a combination of both. It helps with new growth since it technically removes scalp buildup, excess sebum and “cleans” out your scalp pores which allows your hair to do it’s thing. The conditioner is a thickening conditioner, which I do find makes my hair feel thicker than other combinations.

        As I told Jae above, if there’s a place you can order from that has a good policy – if you don’t love, you can return? I know it’s expensive and I would hate for people to spend the money and not be happy. I do believe in the range and hope it will help others! It’s not an overnight miracle worker, but I find it really helps.

        I hope this helps answer your question!

      • Shelby

        Hi ladies!
        The Invati system is AMAZING! If you are having doubts about it working for you stop in to an experience center near you and work with an advisor by doing a hair and scalp consult. They take a zoomed in picture of your scalp to see what hair care/ scalp care line is good for you. They also have a return policy very much like nordstrom. Hope it goes well !

    • Helena

      Hi Jae, I’ve been using all 3 products, but if you’re going to stick to two, get the shampoo and conditioner. Just use consistently for a few weeks! I always suggest buying from a place with a good policy (like Nordstrom) that if you find that it doesn’t work for you, you can return.

  • Sel

    I suffered from hair loss when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis in 2008. I have reversed my Hashimotos and my hair is thick again, although it took two years to achieve this. I use minimal to no heat on my hair and do not colour. Colour is particularly harsh on hair. My hair colour is salt and pepper and I frequently receive compliments on its style, thickness and natural colour. I can honestly reassure anyone that grey hair does not age you. It is just a colour – a colour that is acceptable and used in all aspects of life but deemed unacceptable on a woman’s head by the beauty industry. What ages a person is not taking care of their health, particularly not preparing and eating healthy food as it is what the body absorbs from the food that we eat that contributes to healthy hair, skin, mental and emotional well-being. To grow healthy hair make sure that your diet is rich in protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Fats have become demonised as bad and low fat or no fat spouted as good. This is incorrect as good quality fats are necessary for the body to be able to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food that one eats. For instance, if you eat a gorgeous salad without any healthy fat on that salad, your body cannot absorb the vitamins from that salad. Dear readers please research this if it seems unbelievable. I do not eat low fat or no fat anything and I refuse to eat processed foods. Consuming good fats does not contribute to weight gain but consuming too many carbohydrates does as excess carbohydrates are converted to fat by the body. The American diet favours carbohydrate consumption. Reflect on the foods that are frequently eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner – cereal, bread, potatoes, pasta, noodles, rice, takeaways and ready made meals. All carbohydrate high foods. Also, low fat or no fat products will be high in sugar (a carbohydrate) – read the nutritional label. The food industry has made eating so complex and confusing for consumers. It isn’t – eat and prepare food the way that your grandparents had to – fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, fresh meat, fish, eggs and good fats (olive oil, coconut oil, nut oils, butter and avocado). Stay away from processed food – it is not real food. Hair can grow back if your diet is consistently healthy and you manage stress well. It does take time though as hair grows slowly and the body naturally prioritises nutrient allocation to more important bodily functions over hair growth. As I mentioned earlier, it took me two years to regain my healthy, thick hair. I sincerely wish everyone well in reversing any hair loss that they are suffering from.

  • Quinn

    I am so sorry to hear about your hair loss – I experienced something very similar. Different circumstances, but I lose a TON of hair in a short period of time leaving me feeling depressed and panicked about how to regrow it. I also stopped applying heat to my hair (not that I used much to begin with), but one set of products that is working for me is Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. It grew my fine curly hair to an amazing length back in in 2016 and it’s slowly helping my hair get back to normal now. Regrowth is such a frustrating process, isn’t it? Sometimes I feel like a Chuckie doll…in the meantime I’ve been experimenting with clip-in extensions, which have made me feel lightyears better. Sorry for the long comment, but hair loss has affected me so deeply and I am so interested in following along on your journey!

    xx Quinn

    • Mary

      sometimes the weight of extensions weakens hair and leave thin or bald spots

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