August 18, 2020

Is the NuFACE Worth the Hype?


NuFace Review, Is the NuFace Worth the Hype

Is the NuFACE Worth the Hype?

I’ve been using the NuFACE for several months and in short, it’s quickly become one of my favorite at-home beauty tools.

It’s currently part of the Amazon Prime Day Sale and I really do think it’s the best time and place to buy (Prime Day price = $227.50 compared to reg price $325.) Also if you decide it’s not for you, Amazon is offering FREE returns for this product. I think that’s something worth pointing out!

What is the NuFACE?

The NuFACE is a device that uses micro-currant technology to help lift, tone and contour your facial muscles. Kind of like a workout for your face! The microcurrents are also known to help the production of collagen and elastin.

The first time I heard about the NuFACE, I was getting a signature Triple Crown facial at Joanna Vargas. It’s a facial that focuses on lifting and toning your skin, something I’d always notice when I’d leave my appointment. During one of my visits, I was having a conversation with the esthetician and she started telling me about the NuFACE. She mentioned that while it won’t be as powerful as getting an in office treatment (kind of like at home micro-needling – it’s great to do, but it won’t be as powerful as an in-office visit), with time and diligence, the NuFACE will achieve similar “lifting” results as an in-office treatment. It’s also proven to promote the drainage of fluid, making it an excellent de-bloater/de-puffer. There’s also clinical evidence that microcurrent works to lift sagging skin.

I’ve also chatted with numerous professionals in the beauty industry who swear by this little gadget. Conversation after conversation, it was a no brainer that I needed this little device in my hands.

How often should I use the NuFACE?

For the first 1-2 months, it’s recommended that you use it for at least 5 minutes a day, 5 times a week. After that, you maintain the results by using 2-3x a week. Kind of like working out, the more you use it, the better your results will be. I’ve noticed that 5 minutes a day, 4-5x a week does a nice job at making me look and feel more sculpted. If you have more time, even better.

The NuFACE Mini or The Trinity?

The only difference between The NuFACE Mini and The Trinity is that the Trinity allows you to swap out the head attachment. I have The Trinity so it’s the only one I’ve used, but I also really like the ELE (Eye & Lip Enhancer) Attachment option whenever I have the time to use it. As someone who has pretty heavy lids, I do like to focus on my eye area.  And while the NuFACE Mini is not on sale by itself, their newer FIX Device is!  I haven’t tried so I cannot personally vouch for it but all in all, another really great deal.

How do I use the NuFACE? Day or Night?

If you decide to get it, I recommend watching this video. It’s super helpful! There are also a ton of great videos on the NuFACE Instagram page. I use mine in the morning, before I shower, but I’ve also heard that some people use it at night. I prefer the morning as I want to look freshly lifted for the day. But I know that using it day or night is better than not using at all.

Is the gel primer necessary?

I’ve been using the gel primer because I have it, but I’ve been told my a few beauty editors that aloe vera gel does the trick. I have yet to try that option, but I’ll update this as soon as I do.

Helena Glazer showing her face after using NuFaceAfter using the NuFACE for 7 minutes on one side. Overall, been using the NuFACE for several months.

Lets cut to the chase, is the NuFACE worth it?

So this is where I’m 100% real with all of you. I love this little thing, especially when I use is consistently. Consistency is key. I don’t want any of you to waste your money and then have it sit in your bathroom cabinet, not seeing the light of day. If you have the time to commit five minutes a day, several times a week, I definitely think it’s a worthy investment. I’m including the above photo, but I actually debated NOT including it because the results are so subtle. I notice a difference, but you all may not. It’s the same thing in-person – I look at my cheekbones and my bone structure and I notice a subtle difference, but it’s enough to make me happy and motivate me enough to keep using it.

My reality is that age 40 is way closer than 30 and I could use the extra TLC. If you’re in your 20’s, you probably don’t need it. If you’re not going to find the time to use it, again, you probably don’t need it.  I’ve also read that this replaces botox and for me, it does not. With that being said, I think it’s prolonged me needing to get it and I typically tend to concentrate on my cheeks and jaw rather than my forehead.

Bottom line:

I love it and again, if you buy it from Amazon and decide it’s not for you, they have an easy return policy.

Also, I wanted to thank Kat Tanita for generously gifting me her NuFACE. When I posted about it on stories months ago, she said she had one that was not being used and offered to send it my way! How nice is that?



  • Francine

    Hi Helena,
    I’m really glad you emphasized the commitment because it is indeed. I got one at last years NSale and tried it. Honestly, for me, the effort wasn’t worth it. I did return it within a few months (so agree it’s important to buy from Nordstrom’s). This year, I purchased the Dr. Dennis Gross collagen contraption. That’s only 3 minutes and there’s no labor involved! You strap the mask on and scroll Instagram 😉

    • Helena

      Hi Francine,
      Yes! So important worth noting. Bummer it wasn’t worth it for you, but I want to hear about this Dr. Dennis contraption! I’ve been debating it but the price tag and “another thing..” has made me hold off. Have you noticed a difference? I didn’t realize you could do other things while wearing it. Good to know!

  • Christy

    I’m so curious about your thoughts on the alternative conducting gel (like aloe).

    • AS

      I’ve been using aloe vera gel for the past month once I ran out of the Nuface branded primer. Works exactly the same for 1/8 of the cost!

  • Susan

    Please consider trying an infrared device.

    • Anar

      Can you pls recommend a infra red device? Thanks

  • Mireia

    Such a good review! I’ve been hearing about it for quite a long time and I’m really curious to try it too!

    Mireia from TGL

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  • Rachel

    Hi Helena, so glad you did this post – it’s the reason I finally pulled the trigger and got mine! Can you share which techniques/routine you use with it to get these results? I’ve tried a few on YouTube now, but still not seeing results quite as impressive as yours and I’m 15 days in, consistently using it daily.

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  • Megha Janakiraman

    I really want to try the NuFace but I am extremely worried about the number of complaints regarding the NuFace breaking down after a couple of months of use or not working at all. This is especially a concern because I am going to have it sent outside the US. So now i am considering the Foreo Bear device. Would love to hear your throughts on the Bear v. the NuFace if you have tried it.

  • Sara

    Im so excited about receiving my new nuface device!! I can tell a difference in your face, in both sides! 🤩 and yeah, miracles dont come alone, as u said we need to be constant and patient ☺️🙂

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