March 20, 2019

Ideas For Your Toddler’s Easter Basket

What To Put In A Toddlers Easter Basket(Photo taken two years ago. <insert tears> He was so itty bitty!)

Nate is at the age where Easter, and all the fun surrounding it, is something that I’m starting to get really excited about. It’s right around the corner and this year, I plan to buy an Easter basket and fill it with a few goodies from the below list of ideas.

What To Put In A Toddlers Easter Basket

Washable Dot Markers:

We used these at our friend’s house and the kids absolutely loved them.

Scribble Scrubble:

Using the included markers and scrub brush, kids can draw all over these two fuzzy figurines and rinse them off to start over again. The larger set actually won a Good Housekeeping Toy Award.

Paw Patrol Marshalls Transforming Fire Truck:

Nate already owns this. So it won’t be in his basket this year. But it’s one of his favorite little toys!

The Great Easter Egg Race Book:

No Easter basket would be complete without a few books and this one is perfect to include in an Easter-themed basket.

Peppa’s Easter Egg Book:

On the topic of books, Nate is about Peppa Pig anything so we know this will be a great addition. The book itself is nice and short, which is a plus for parents!

Hansa Rabbit Plush Toy:

My friend got this super cute, plush Easter bunny for her daughter’s basket last year. Also, I remember thinking how beautiful and life-like it was!

Play-Doh Eggs:

I noticed these Play-Doh Easter Eggs last year and while Nate was a tad too young then, I’m definitely adding them to his basket this year.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Activity Pads:

These board books are one of our favorites to whip out during a flight or at a restaurant. Plus, I love that they’re reusable.

Unpainted Wooden Eggs:

So maybe these are better to get before the actual holiday. But I love the idea of having a fun painting activity and then using them after to have an Easter egg hunt.

Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks:

I don’t love the idea of filling a toddler Easter basket with a lot of candy, but I don’t mind including 1-2 of his favorites. Nate adores these and they’re considered a very special treat.

Ideas For Your Toddler’s Easter Basket

Other Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

As far as baskets go, I really love this burlap bunny one. I really love that it could be personalized and used later on to store books and trinkets.  This one is also really adorable! For an Amazon Prime option (because lets be real, that’s what usually ends up happening), this one is great.

Our plan is to use the little Easter eggs, shown in the above photo (taken two Easters ago), and creating a trail that will lead to his basket. I’m not entirely sure where we’re going to put the basket yet, but I’m thinking somewhere in the kitchen.

Growing up, I never had a basket tradition. But my mother and I would always take the train into the city and go watch the parade. Seeing all the dogs dressed up in their Easter hats, was always our favorite part!

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  • Keirstan

    Love all of this! Added almost all to cart, especially that adorable Etsy basket! 😊

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  • Sel

    As a little girl I would always look forward to colouring eggs on Good Friday with Mum and helping her bake traditional Croatian cakes. Mum did not use store bought egg dye but vegetables, something that she did as a little girl with my Grandmother growing up after the Second World War in what was then known as Yugoslavia. Onion skins, parsley, beetroot, and silver beet colour eggs beautifully. My brother and I would even make patterns using various vegie leaves collected from my parents vegie garden. When my son, niece and nephews were little, we would all go to my parents home and colour eggs this way, eat home baked goodies and listen to Croatian music. My son, niece and nephews are older now, but we still do this every Good Friday morning with my Mum. Unfortunately my Dad has dementia and is in aged care, but after lunch we visit him and bring him some eggs and have a fun egg cracking game with him.

  • Carina

    Lovely ideas!

    Carina |

  • Debbie

    For me, Easter is a very exciting period too. My son is a bit older than Nate, and loves all these colourful Easter stuff. Thank you for your tips regarding toddler Easter basket. They are very helpful, especially for moms.

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