January 2, 2018

Hello, 2018

Camel Coat, Winter Style, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Dessert, Coffee Shop, Cozy Treats, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Camel Coat, Beret Hat, Winter Style, Tiffany & Co., Helena of Brooklyn BlondeWinter Style, Coffee Shop, Winter Outfit, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Beret: Janessa Leone | Coat: Old, similar on sale | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Watch: Tiffany Metro (borrowed)

Overall, 2017 was a pretty great year. It was my first full year of motherhood and that in itself makes it one of my most special years to date. I got to work on some incredible projects with brands I truly love and respect. I hired a wonderful assistant, Tilden, who has been helping me with all things Brooklyn Blonde related. Then of course, 2017 was the year Keith got nominated for an Emmy, which was so unbelievably major.

All those big things aside, 2017  was a year of personal growth.

I began focusing more of my energy on the people and things that matter and stressing less over the little things. In the past, if someone were to push me on the train, I’d get annoyed and mutter something under my breath or perhaps, even out loud. These days, I’ve learned to let that crap go. In the end, I’ve realized that it serves zero purpose and just causes me anxiety and wrinkles. Who needs that?

I began, and only recently, practicing gratitude on a daily basis. I feel like that sounds so cliche, but it’s created a major shift in how I perceive things. The most fascinating thing has been seeing how my actions impact Nate. The happier, more positive and laid-back  I am around him, the more I see those behaviors replicated. When I laugh and smile, he does the same.

2018 will be a year that I continue to practice these behaviors. More positivity, less bullshit, saying no to things I’m not into and daily gratitude. 2017 was a year I woke up and realized so much of our life is about perception and even through the crappy days, I vow to be mindful of that sentiment.

Wishing you all the best 2018! I’m truly so thankful for each of you!

photos by James Creel

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