January 19, 2018

Happy Wintery Friday!

Next week, I’m heading to Tulum (first time!) and I treated myself to this bag. It’s been on my wishlist since last year! Surprisingly, I bought it for warm weather outfits, but I’ve been loving how it looks with certain coats and more winter-y looks.

Aside from a few winter escapes, this winter has been pretty rough. I’ve been living in my Moose Knuckles winter coat. Seriously, both stylish and so warm!

Speaking of this unbearable winter, here are 18 places I’d rather be traveling to.

Do you guys own a fabric defuzzer? Quite honestly, I never thought these little gadgets actually work, but after a friend mentioned that she revived a dozen of her sweaters using one, immediately ordered it. Lo and behold, it’s actually quite miraculous and so many of my old sweaters have new life.

In case you missed it, some of my recent favorite products including where I’ve been going for a few lasers and chemical peels.

7 ways to get rid of static cling on your clothes, using things around the house.

The psychology behind why we can’t keep our New Year’s resolutions.

If you find yourself laughing at Internet memes, then you’ll love this adult party game. I recently played it with a bunch of friends and we had the best time!

Addicted to coffee? Try these healthy alternatives.



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