May 10, 2019

Summer Travel Plans (almost) Finalized & More….

Happy Friday: Summer Travel Plans (almost) Finalized!

Happy Friday! We’ve finally narrowed down our summer travel plans. After a ton of research, so much back and forth and so many helpful tips and suggestions from many of you, we’ve settled on Lake Como and Tuscany. I know that many of you were telling me “No!!! Choose Puglia over those two,” but my heart was telling me otherwise. I’ve been dreaming of going to Como and Tuscany for years and while I know a beach might seem better for some, we plan to do Southern Italy another time in the near future! The reality is, so many places, so little time…

Our plan is to fly into Milan, drive to Lake Como, spend 3-4 days there and then drive to the countryside of Tuscany. We’re going to base ourselves near Montelpuciano and spend about 5 days exploring the different little towns, including possibly taking a day trip into Florence. After Tuscany, we’ll get rid of the car and take the train to Milan. Milan is not my favorite, but we’ll spend one day there since the flight was almost 1/4th the price than flying out of Rome. I also wanted to give a shout out to Sarah at the Travel Couturier who has dealt with all of my annoying questions and emails and answered everything with patience and expertise. If you’re looking for some travel help, I definitely recommend her!

After a week of unhealthy binging, I just finished watching the entire series of ‘Younger’ on Hulu. Oh my goodness. I cannot let another show consume me this much. It got in the way of my life and my overall productivity. However, if you are looking for an addicting, easy-to-watch, non-depressing show, I highly recommend it. I don’t do depressing, so it was perfect!

Weekend Links:

On the topic of shows, 6 comedies to watch right now.

11 “healthy” morning habits that might not be as good as you thought.

What advice would you give your younger self?

As someone who grew up in NYC, I never heard about Pimento cheese until I became friends with people who grew up in the South. Till this day, I’ve never tried it, but after hearing Kathleen Barnes rave about it so much, I’m definitely making her recipe for mothers day.

I’m always a sucker for a layered coin necklace.

I just ordered this neck & back massager after Erin, whose opinion I really trust, said it was a game changer. Of course, I’ll keep you all posted! Maybe it will even make my next ‘favorite purchases’ list.

How beautiful is this dress??

Might have to try one of these fresh cheese recipes.

When it comes to spring/summer cocktail parties, how do you feel about rompers/jumpsuits instead of dresses? In this post, I shared some of my favorite, sophisticated styles for such the occasion.

Did you know that moving is one of the top 3 stressors in a person’s life? Here are 6 ways to make it a happier experience.

Found this pair of mid-rise flared jeans on sale!

“I asked my CEO for a raise – and I got it.”

An adorable tote for summer.

Can’t stop laughing reading these tweets!

Have the best weekend and for those who are mothers and celebrate in the US, Happy Mothers Day!! You are all rockstars!





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    Have yourself a fabulous weekend Beautiful!

    🌸🍃ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🌸🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Rach

    That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to follow along your Italy trip. I’m in the process of planning mine and I can’t decide which cities to go to! And I definitely need to check out that massager!

  • Janine

    Ahh your travel plans sound amazing! Tuscany is supposed to be absolutely beautiful, I definitely need to visit there soon.
    Interesting that you are talking about depressing TV shows, I recently started watching ‘Unreal’ on Amazon Prime – have you heard of this show? It’s quite addicting, but it did leave me with a bad aftertaste in my mouth, it made me feel… sad. This now convinced me to just stop watching it, why would I waste my time with something that makes me unhappy, right?
    xx Janine

  • Jherell

    Happy Friday!

    I really enjoyed the Bustle article on not-so-good morning habits. I always reach for a cup of coffee whenever I’m exhausted in the morning. I know that my exhaustion is really a cry for (more) sleep!

  • Malaika

    I’m headed to Italy this summer too and everyone kept telling me to go to Lake Como so I’m really happy hear you decided to go as well! We’re just doing 2 days there towards the end of our trip but I’m equally excited.

  • Sel

    Have yourself a wonderful holiday Helena. When you get back home, please post some holiday photos of the gorgeous cities visited.
    I read the tweets that you referenced, and yes, young children do and say the funniest things. It brought to mind the things that my son said at that age. Celebrating my God-daughter’s christening, master four would not eat any of the food that was served. When asked by my friend and her parents why he wasn’t eating anything, I said that he wasn’t hungry (which was a lie). He quickly piped up and in his loudest voice said “I am really hungry but this food is rubbish”. Thank you my dearest child. Wishing all the Mums and carers of children a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  • Bel

    I have such fond memories of Lake Como, since we got married there. Make sure to check out Villa Balbianello, our wedding venue. It’s not open everyday, but is a must! Nate will love the boat ride to the villa. And my favourite restaurant is Il Gato Nero, located in the hills not far from Como town. We always go every time we’re in the area. The view is breathtaking!

  • Fashion and frappes

    I am already looking forward to your Tuscany and Lake Como pictures! I am going to Venice and Bologna next month and I am sure it will be beautiful. Tuscany is on my list!

  • Tatiana

    Hi Helena, you will absolutely love Tuscany – we got married there and spent couple of weekends in different villages around and its beautiful. Far better than Italian sea to be honest, and hopefully less crowded. And food and wine is to die for 😊 Enjoy!
    Greetings from Slovakia

  • Carina

    Lovely travel plans!

    Carina |

  • Jess

    Whatever happened to your weekly scheduled posts?? 🤔

  • Anshul Sharma

    Your travel plan sounds interesting! I am staying at one of the hotels in South Delhi (India) and visiting historical places. By reading your article, i will add Italy to my next destination for sure. Thanks for sharing your plans 😉

  • Brick cartage perth

    Sounds divine! I hope that you enjoyed your trip

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