November 18, 2016

Happy Friday

After my retinol post, I went to see what Caroline Hirons had to say. For those of you who don’t know who Caroline is, she’s an incredibly knowledgeable skincare goddess/expert. I’ve learned SO much from her.  Scroll to the bottom of her post to see the video.

Everyone is talking about the new show The Crown. Has anyone been watching?

These gloves. long, cashmere lined and studded leather detailing. I’ve seen them in person and can’t get them outta my mind.

The other day, my best friend sent me a photo of her wearing the MAC lip color “whirl.” Yes, it’s very Kylie Jenner, but I loved how it looked on her so much that I immediately went to buy it. It’s a nice change from my typical gloss or red lip.

Some mouthwatering Thanksgiving recipes. 

I also caved and jumped on the Gucci slide bandwagon. My excuse: “I need cool/comfy mom shoes.” Seriously, it feels like my foot is swimming in a pool of butter. SO SOFT.

 Have a wonderful weekend!



  • Fashion and Frappes

    I haven’t started watching the Crown yet but heard pretty good things. So I am a Caroline Heron fan too but I really need a lot of concentration – I found some of it very confusing! Love that MAC colour – I am really looking for ones that are different from my regular red and bright pink.

  • Alyssa

    Love that sweater!! Also love your excuse on buying the Gucci sliders!! So funny. xx

  • PSLily Boutique

    Love the sweater!! 🙂
    ❤️ xoxo,

    Lily |

    PSLily Boutique

  • Emilia Dobrydney

    I love those slides, I would love to see your mom style for inspiration as I sometimes feel like I just can’t get it together!!
    I need to check out that show now, and on a side note, after you mentioned how good the show “This is Us” is I started watching it and now I can’t stop until I catch up 😉 Thanks for your awesomeness and the best recommendations and have a beautiful weekend 🙂

  • Diana

    || D I A N A ||

  • Sophie

    What statement sleeves, love the added detail!

  • Cecilia boateng

    I have started watching the show, and I like it! You should watch!

  • Bri

    Lovely sweater.

  • It's About L.A

    Have a nice week-end!


  • Kristina

    Great shot! Love the bell sleeves. And I really have to check out this MAC color!
    ♡ Kristina

  • Stacy ki

    Love The Crown ? and that lipstick! Great post, thanks for sharing your love of fashion ?

  • Alexia Mickens

    That sweater is genuinely perfect! Makes me wanna cozy up with a good book & hot cup of tea. xx.

    See my latest post:
    // fringe & plaid
    Born / Bred / BE

  • Eleanor

    Amazing jumper! Everyone seems to be loving The Crown right now x

    Eleanor Frances | UK Style Blog

  • sanssouci

    Amazing sleeves! Loved the sweater!

  • Mai

    Hello! Where can I buy that ruffle sleeve sweater?

  • Diana

    For the Gucci’s, would you pick the black simple or with the fur? I’m so torn between the two! I have the red in the classic but need the black in my life

  • Azu

    Those gloves in the link are gorgeous. Love this sweater you’re wearing <3

    xo Azu

  • brett

    I actually love a Kylie Jenner lip color! Embarrassing but true! Haha! And I love MAC so I’m excited to add this to my wish list 🙂

  • kharr

    Yes the crown is so good. Cant wait for next season

  • Trish Bowell

    Omgosh I LOVE The Crown! The costumes are divine!

  • sahinex

    Wow, this is my fav… color

  • Monika

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