October 5, 2018

Happy Friday!

woman showing leaf for Happy Friday

This Sunday, I’m heading to Woodstock with a few of my friends for a fall-ish weekend getaway (even though it’s going to be in the 70’s – ha!). We planned this trip over two months ago and our plans include: cooking, playing board games, drinking wine and catching up on all things life related.

These are the type of things that keep me happiest in life. While I CANNOT wait to actually go, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, even looking forward to it (and texting about it in our group chat) produces a level of happiness. I find this to be 100% true.

Happy Friday!

Can’t. Stop. Laughing!

The #1 closet essential on my fall wardrobe list. For a more wallet friendly version, I love this one.

Why some of us are afraid of conflict.

I’d bet that by now, most of you have heard that Blair of the incredible blog Atlantic-Pacific, is launching a collection with Nordstrom. I got a chance to see the collection in person and OH. MY. GOD. Even though Blair and I have the most opposite of styles (less is more versus more is more) the collection is so beautiful! Colors, patterns and beautiful textures.

A few of you asked about Nate’s sleep schedule this week on IG. For those that missed it the post the first time, here’s how we got an early start to sleep training him.

I have the Mansur Circle bag in two colors, but I am absolutely swooning over this dreamy powder blue one. There’s also this version for a lot less.

Here’s what not to do while Venus is in retrograde.

13 Haunted Airbnb spots you can book right now.

During my last trip to Sephora, I picked up some holy grail favorites and some new products that I’ve been hearing so much about.

If Willy Wonka lived in a cottage, it might look something like this.

The perfect under $100 sock bootie.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!





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