March 30, 2018

Happy Easter Weekend!


Gucci Marmont White, Gucci Marmont, Brooklyn Blonde, white bag

I recently got this beautiful bag after a friend of a friend was selling it for a great price. Here’s a similar style for those who love the look at a more budget-friendly price. Also, how about the floors in the above photo? We’re planning to re-do our bathroom in the next month or two and I’m really into a black and white patterned.

America’s favorite jelly bean flavor is pretty controversial.

5 Funny pranks to pull on Easter, because it’s also April Fools Day!

My pal Grace (and one of her best friends) just launched a podcast called ‘Young Adulting,’ covering all topics from books to beauty. I’m so excited to listen to it this weekend!

I’ve been on the hunt for stylish, yet easy pieces for our trip to Charleston and got this adorable striped jumpsuit!

The reason why women rebuff compliments rather than accepting them right away.

How to pitch yourself for a job.

Everyone has their go-to styles for denim; for me, this pair is a must for clean, dark, high-waisted and ankle length.

Would you live in one of these luxury tiny homes?

16 Amazing ‘Then & Now’ pictures of New York City.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!





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