July 9, 2010

From my Folders: Some of my Favorite Balenciaga Bag Images

There is no question that handbags are one of my weaknesses and one of the things I save for and splurge on when I have extra cash. Balenciaga bags are my favorite and I’m already wanting a new one, but that probably wont happen until early next year. Here are some of my favorite images that I’ve saved! One day I’ll do a post on Nicole Richies collection, because hers is TO DIE FOR.


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  • Jennifer

    Great post…my fave are the green ones! 🙂



    p.s. I just debuted by first giveaway yesterday, check it out! 🙂

  • Jessica

    they are so perfect! I need to buy my first one soon!!

  • fshnonmymind

    I haven't entered the world of Balenciaga yet, but it's on my long list of bags I would like.
    I would love a bold color like that beautiful red that Natasha is carrying in the first pic.
    What color are you thinking of next?

  • Anna Jane

    Ah, I love Chanel Iman. Love your blog…following you now!


  • Southern-Bargainista

    Gosh, I'm just loving all of this bag candy! I'm a big Rebecca Minkoff fan, but would love to dip a toe into the Balenciaga world someday!

  • BrooklynBlonde

    @fshnonmymind – hmmm, that's a good question (that i've thought about..lol) I don't own a black one, so I might opt for that! Then again, their colors are so rich and vibrant that I feel I might be swayed. I think either black, red or some sort of mocha brown!

  • Mere

    I love Balenciaga too! So fab!!

  • HC!

    loveee. if only i had the cash!

  • Fashion & DIY

    I'm so in love with this bag!

  • Andi

    I love Balenciaga too! I am eyeing one for my birthday in December 🙂 I have a cognac City that I wear all. the. time. I also have a white one that I hardly ever use 🙁
    I don't have a black one either, but I feel like I never really wear black, I love the colors! That dusky grey one is amazing!!


    lovley post. I love thse balenciaga bags. they look so darling 🙂

  • Krizia

    Balenciaga bags are the best!
    Totally addicted to mine.
    Great post!

    x Krizia


  • Pauline

    Love those pictures! A Balenciaga bag is the next thing on my wish list!


  • Andee Layne

    i loooove the one with lauren conrad xo

  • My Lack of Style

    I would love to own the Balenciaga Giant City bag, the most amazing bag at the moment!

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