May 9, 2017

For That Matter

Leather Jacket: All Saints Balfern (wearing a size 4) | Denim: Mother | Tee: Rag & Bone | Shoes: Madewell (on sale) | Hat: Rag & Bone | Watch: Michele Deco

I’ve worn a version of this outfit before, probably one too many times, but it’s such an easy go-to look for me. This time around, I paired it with my new pom-pom sandals that I was excited to wear as soon as I got. Bonus points for being incredibly comfortable, too!

Then there’s my trusty All Saints leather jacket that is so broken in, I love it even more than the day that I got it. Sadly, this color is no longer available, but they make such a beautiful assortment of luxe shades. My favorite, especially for the season, is this one and this one, but can we also talk about the oversized version? I need to refrain, but it’s seriously speaking to me.

I have my spring wardrobe ready to go, so now just waiting for NYC weather to catch up!

PS: I asked about vacation spots on here and on instagram and got so much great advice. Thank you all!!!

photos by Keith Hodne



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