July 30, 2010

Finally In my possession, the Clog Boot!

As some of you might have known, these bad boys were already on my fall wish list! When I unexpectedly saw them in person, I knew I needed to have them. I was with my girlfriend at lunch and when we saw them, we just turned to each other with a “WOAH!” haha, so dramatic, yet so true!  I went with the grey instead of the black, just because I have other plans for my new black shoe purchase(s)! 😀
Here’s a picture and also a little preview for tomorrow’s outfit post.
Sam Edelman Falken Clog Boot




  • SWAY

    i really LOVE those boots♥!


  • Marcie

    Ooohh, I love it!! That color is fantastic too! Your style is so great. I can't wait to see more of you with this shoe.

    xo Marcie

  • Hello*Pretty

    congrats on the new shoes- they are wicked awesome! xo- karrie

  • Nina

    They look great and I love the color of your bag.


  • HC!

    those cloots are gorgeous! the gray was a good choice!

  • BrooklynBlonde

    Thanks guys! haha, cloots! I like that!

  • Sonja P.

    OMG…these clog boots are amazing!!! The've got so much potential!!!



  • Lana

    Wow, love the boots!
    But even more, I looooove your bag! Do you remember the name of the colour? And do you know if it's still available? Planning on buying my first B-Bag next month in NY! (Is the Balenciaga store any good there?)



  • Frickys

    Wohooo, now here is a clog that I should def buy!!! They are the most badass boots I have ever seen… great great buy, dear 🙂

  • BrooklynBlonde

    Thank you ladies!!

    @ Lana: the color of this bag is Tempete. It's from the Fall 2009 Collection, but it's worth a shot to see if it's in stores. I would definitely go to the New York store! It's located on the West Side, so you can go there and also check out that great area in general, which is great with lots to see. 🙂

  • jemina

    FABULOUS!!! you ROCK darling!!! XOXO

  • helena

    Those clog boots are amaaazing. I want Miu Miu clogs but my mom doesn't like them so she won't buy them for me 🙁

  • Vitori Thinks

    Those grey boots are killing me in envy… =) I SUPER LOVE!!! =)

  • Violetta E.


  • Anonymous

    I bought the boots after seeing them on your blog. Online shopping for the first time no less. Please.. if you can.. do more posts with the boots. I'm still awaiting the arrival of mine but would love to see how you style them more.

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