March 22, 2018

Final Thoughts | Aveda Invati Advanced Part 3

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Since documenting several months of using the Aveda Invati Advanced line, I’ve received a fair share of messages from women who’ve shared similar hair thinning woes. It’s one of those conversations that I’ve tried to make less taboo because one thing I’ve learned through this process, it’s a very common thing. I’ve been fully transparent about taking all measures to promote thicker, fuller hair, including diligently using the Invati Advanced range. Some of you left me comments and messages asking me how I use it, so I wanted to answer that:

Final Thoughts | Aveda Invati Advanced Part 3


Invati Advanced is a three-step system containing a shampoo, a conditioner and a leave-in spray. When you apply the Exfoliating Shampoo, take a few moments to really massage the product into your hair, concentrating on your scalp. The number one purpose is for the Exfoliating Shampoo to clear scalp of product buildup and excess sebum which can clog your pores (a real thing in scalps). After you rinse, apply the Thickening Conditioner from root to ends and leave in for a few minutes. Lastly, after you towel dry, spray the Scalp Revitalizer throughout your entire scalp and gently massage in. This product can be used on either wet or dry hair.  I love that the Revitalizer features an Ayuveric ingredient blend and really stimulates the scalp as you massage.


After a few months of continued use, I really have noticed a difference. My hair feels fuller and I’ve noticed less hair fall-out due to breakage, which is the biggest plus for me. I’ve become quite obsessed with seeing how much of my hair is going down the sink and being left in my brush, so when it becomes significantly less, I take note.

One thing I failed to mention that deserves some attention is that the entire Aveda range contains high levels of naturally-derived ingredients. The Invati Advanced line is 98% naturally derived. Their focus is holistic beauty, environmental responsibility and a passion for a greater global movement toward balance and harmony.  Plus, I find all Aveda products to smell absolutely wonderful!

Lastly, I know that I’ve been gearing this conversation for women who’ve experienced postpartum hair thinning, but quite honestly, it would be a wonderful addition for anyone with hair thinning issues. And again, I know this post is sponsored which can make people say “this is BS,” but sponsored or not, my thoughts are 100% genuine.




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