September 19, 2014

On the Go



Blazer: Express c/o | Jeans: Express c/o | Scarf: Zara | Hat: Hat Attack | Boots: Saint Laurent | Tee: Vince | Handbag: Givenchy Although I love living in Brooklyn and wouldn’t want it any other way, it requires some strategic planning when I’m heading into the city for the entire day. Unless I get a ride in with Keith in the morning (he works in Tribeca and normally drives in), I normally take the train in and then am usually on foot for most of the day. As incredible as it is to live in New York, it can be a very “schleppy” lifestyle. No car to throw your stuff into between errands and always carrying around a ton of bags, whether it’s purchases for shoots, returns, a change of shoes for some evening plans, etc..

It’s dressing for those kind of days that I struggle with the most. Outfits that are stylish, yet comfortable and can also get you from chilly mornings or intensely air-conditioned subway cars to a significantly warmer afternoon. This type of outfit has become a go-to uniform for those kind of days, plus I’m still ready for work meetings that come up. Comfortable jeans, a blazer (recently got this one from Express – love it!) a hat, which is the perfect solution when I’m too lazy to wash my hair. #truth

On a different note, so happy it’s Friday! Tomorrow is my best friends engagement party and then we head to Miami on Thursday for her bachelorette party. The level of excitement that I have going on is on another level!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Photos by Keith Hodne



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