June 10, 2015

Distressed Denim & Fancy Heels

Top: Topshop | Denim : Denim & Supply | Heels: Valentino | Bag: Celine | Sunglasses: CelineIf you follow me on instagram, you might recall where I mentioned that these Valentino shoes are one of my favorite eBay finds…ever. I got them eons ago, before the Rockstud craze, and I have to say, the man makes a comfortable shoe! They’re so comfortable that I can actually commute on the train in them.

For those who’ve asked how I search on eBay. Usually, I’ll just do random searches for the items I know I definitely like and know my size in. Of course, there are the occasional chances that I take, but normally it’s things I’ve seen and tried on in person. I don’t usually go on there looking for something specific, but treat it more like a shop where “maybe I’ll find something this time, maybe I won’t..”

For example: I know I wear a size 39 in Manolos, so my search will be “Manolo Blahnik 39..” and see what comes up.…” In the past, I’ve gotten some pairs for less than half of retail! If they’re very lightly worn, personally, that doesn’t bother me. I know some people would be grossed out by it, but I have no issues with getting them and then having them cleaned.

Remember, if you have questions, ask the seller! If you’re buying something that’s expensive, you’re better off dealing with someone with plenty of positive feedback, especially selling items that are similar to what you’re buying. I know that all sellers have to start somewhere, but in the beginning, better to be safe than sorry. Once you get more comfortable, you’ll get a better idea of what methods work for you.

Hope that helped answer any eBay search questions!

PS: Some of you asked me about the shirt I was wearing in my overall post, which is the same one I’m wearing today. Got it from Topshop and love that it’s a little dressier than a basic tee! It’s definitely one I’ve been reaching for a lot lately.

Photos by Karen



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