June 9, 2017

How To: Create the Best LinkedIn Profile & Dress for the Job

How To: Create the Best LinkedIn Profile & Dress for the Job, Tips for LinkedIn, How to get noticed on LinkedIn, What to wear to a job interview

For anyone who follows me on Instagram, you may have seen that this past weekend, I was part of an incredible event with the LinkedIn and J. Crew teams. The event held two main purposes:

*To help offer any guidance when it came to dressing: whether for a job, interview or meeting.

*To help update (or create!) your LinkedIn profiles with their on-site experts. I was especially excited about this because I desperately needed some professional LinkedIn guidance.

The good news is that for anyone who missed the event, with the help of the LinkedIn & J. Crew teams, we’re going to break it down in todays post.

How To: Create the Best LinkedIn Profile & Dress for the Job, Tips for LinkedIn, How to get noticed on LinkedIn, What to wear to a job interview, what to wear to workThe Outfits:

Lets talk outfits!

For an Interview: unless you’re working in an extremely corporate world, I think it’s important to recognize that the rules that so many of us have grown up with, have changed. For starters, know the job your applying for! For many companies, showing a bit more personal style is encouraged, but for others, you may want to keep it sleek and minimal. When I was interviewing for jobs in the fashion industry, I wanted to be professional, but show a bit of my personal style. I clearly remember wearing a high-waisted leather pencil skirt, nude suede pumps and a silk button down. I’m happy to report that years later, I’d still wear the same outfit for any professional setting, including an interview.

As another option, I love the idea of wearing a linen blazer in the summer.  It could easily be paired with matching linen pants for a cool take on a suit or a cropped wool pant, for something a bit more formal.

For a Meeting or Work Event: this is where you’re able to have a little more fun! It’s easy to still look professional, yet stylish.

*A pair of jeans with a blazer -as shown in my above photo. Rips in your denim depend on the type of job and company.

A chambray dress paired with your favorite shoe. I also love the idea of adding a belt, as long as it doesn’t make it too short.

I’ll be honest, years after I got my position, I got promoted and was interviewing others to be my assistant. I was more likely to remember someone if they had an outfit that had a bit of personality. Remember to keep logos, expensive labels and anything too flashy at home, but otherwise, be yourself.

Tips from the LinkedIn Team:

Not only did I get to update my profile photo this past weekend, I was fortunate to have learned so much about building a profile and the many ways you can use LinkedIn to build and maintain your professional network. Even if you have a job you’re happy with, keep your profile (and photo!) updated! Even before this event, I had two close friends tell me that they found jobs through recruiters seeing their profiles. One friend was actively looking while the other was not, but left her position to pursue the new one. You never know!

Here are some important tips directly from LinkedIn: 

Add a profile photo: Help others recognize you – and get up to 9 times more connection requests.

Update your info: Members who list their current position get up to 8 times more profile views.

Include your education: Members who list the schools they attended receive up to 17 times more messages from recruiters.

Add your industry: It makes you up to 38 times more likely to be found by recruiters

Perfect your elevator pitch: A summary of 40 words or more makes you more likely to turn up in a future employer’s search and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Spotlight your skills: Including at least five relevant skills will help you connect with the right opportunities, so highlight what you want your network to know about you as a professional. Hiring managers are also evaluating how you demonstrate soft skills such as leadership, teamwork and prioritization, so be sure to to weave these into examples of your work, experience and knowledge to show you’re the right candidate for the job.

Networking Tips from the LinkedIn Team:

Your LinkedIn presence matters: Almost all (94%) of all recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates.

It’s all about the power of making connections: A recent LinkedIn survey on networking your way in found that over one-third of professionals say that a casual conversation on LinkedIn messaging has lead to a new opportunity, and more than half say that a mutual connection has led to a new job opportunity.

Explore job postings to find your way in: More than 3 million jobs are posted on LinkedIn Jobs in the U.S. every month. When you look at job listings on LinkedIn, you gain a strong understanding of the job market, skills needed for your industry and position, and who in your network works at the companies you’re interested in.

And there you have it! I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask below!

Thank you to LinkedIn & J Crew for partnering on this post



  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Wonderful post with essential tips for success! 🙂
    Merci for sharing.

    ?LA BIJOUX BELLA ?| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Old fan

    I used to thoroughly enjoy your blog/posts. But unfortunately, I think it’s time I stop following you. You were so incredibly authentic to your craft, and exuded this realness, that I felt as if you were a part of my inner circle. Now it seems, as though, your posts are forced. Your partnerships/sponsors/ads seem to be a lot more than usual. Rather than putting out what you feel is right for you and your brand; you’re just trying to make an extra check to pay for your next outfit. I get it, this is the business you are in. But at one point, I actually looked up to you. I know perception isn’t everything, but I just had to share with you my disappointment in someone I’ve looked up for the past 6 years. Wishing you all the best in alll your future endeavors.

    • Helena


      I’m truly sorry you feel that way! While I welcome constructive criticism, I must ask what posts feel off to you? I’m not sure if you’re speaking about this one in particular, but if that is the case, I have to stick up for myself. I fully stand by this post. As someone who has been in this industry, working for both myself and corporate companies, I was genuinely excited about this one. Especially being able to share some insider LinkedIn tips that I know many of my readers would find super helpful.

      Again, I’m sorry to see you go, but I turn down a ton of jobs and more than ever, I make it a point to only take jobs that feel authentic and not to just “pay for my next outfit..” I do have a family and it is a business, but I 100% respect my readers as well and would never take advantage.

      Thanks for your feedback.


      • Jalisa

        Helena, I did read this post and not once did I feel it was forced or that you were being insincere. I follow both your blog and social media, watching your IG stories, and I’m being 100% honest when I say that you’re one of the most down to earth bloggers I follow. Never have I once felt that you were trying to make a quick buck off a sponsored collaboration or try to promote something you’re not genuinely interested in. I just thought I’d share my sentiments with you, keep doing what you’re doing!



    • Tanya Kertsman

      With all due respect, blogging and and being compensated is not just about buying your next outfit. It’s about supporting yourself and your family and having content that provides value to readers. I personally really enjoyed this post and thought it had a lot of helpful tips. I’m a long time reader and have never encountered a post here that I felt didn’t match the vibe of this blog. Just my opinion!

      • JoAz

        I so agree with Tanya I always get some nugget from your posts & definitely don’t feel that your posts are all about $$. I come from a law firm background & hr folks were always shocked at what some people wore to an interview. I’ve been following for 3-4 yrs & have gotten so much from your posts. Love Instagram posts as well.

        • Helena

          Thank you both so much! That truly makes me so happy to read as I try hard to keep everything as real, informative and inspirational as possible!

    • JO I am also an old fan

      Well, i do feel happy for the posts and the insider tips, having myself profile in linkedin i love the new features in which job postings from companies appears as you are connected with people you are connected with. Lord i do feel this post so full of judgement, hello, if a company as linkedin turns to you for a post means:
      1. Your contents are pro enough to lands the attention of a corporation.
      2. We as adult know and chose if you crave for the clothes displayed, the way of styling or

      • JO I am also an old fan

        I hate my laptop, sent the message cut.
        -or- if you open or not a profile in linkedin or not. A job pay bills and buy pretty clothes also the internet you are using to bash on other people. Helena, seriously i do follow you even on instagram and we may be physically so different but i love your style and i do identify myself at some point with your fashion choices. Clue, im 35, have tan skin, curly hair, a degree in Law, 2 MSC, 3 languages, and work in a corporate forbes 500 multinational company and weird enough in latinamerica where our weather is 40C all year round. Seriously out there is lots of jealousy, honey keep doing your choices as real and honest as you feel, we as adult chose if we follow or not.

  • Rena

    Thanks for the helpful tips. You definitely look fantastic!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Magda

    Great tips, thanks for sharing!


  • Kerrie

    Hi Helena, as you know I’m a long term follower of yours and I have to tell you that your blog is just going from strength to strength. I have said it before but I love how your blog has evolved since you became a mother and I’ve really enjoyed the glimpses into the “business” side of things too. Being a long term follower, it actually makes me happy to see you doing partnering/sponsored posts because you’ve worked so hard over the years and it’s amazing that you are able to do this for a living. This post in particular has been helpful to me because I’ve been a stay at home mum for the last three years but will probably be returning to the workplace next year. I have a great work history prior to children so I should probably get myself set up on LinkedIn. Helena, please keep doing what you are doing because your blog is fantastic, you are fantastic, how you manage to keep a blog running with such regular consistent high quality content, when you are a mum, I just don’t know!! You work so hard for your readers and you thoroughly deserve every financial reward and partnering offer you get. To partner with the likes of LinkedIn and Jcrew is awesome and I was so pleased to see this. You are a credit to the blogging industry and should never feel as though you have to justify yourself to anybody X X X

    • Helena

      from the bottom of my heart – thank you!!! This made my day!

  • Olivia

    SUCH a good guide, girlboss! Thanks for the tips!
    Check out my new 9to5 style!


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    Great pictures and these are some amazing tips!
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  • Jeanne

    Helena, I have to go to a company offsite in Montauk…and dread coming up with outfits that can be appropriate for a meeting, a tour, volleyball…
    That jacket, the light tan, is hat Jcrew? Don’t you find them very boxy?

    • Helena

      Hi Jeanne,
      Yes! Everything I’m wearing is J Crew! I’m not going to lie, I do find some of their pieces a tad boxy and occasionally will get them tailored! However, the blazer I’m wearing as is (without tailoring) and a size 4 ends up working perfectly for me.

  • Ewa Macherowska

    Nice post dear!


  • Mireia

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Rach

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post! You are a successfully women and it is great to hear good pointers from someone successful. I also think your style aesthetics fits this post. Girl, you are killing it!


  • nicole sioui

    I felt compelled to say a few words too. Your blog is about fashion/beauty/lifestyle/etc. and this post relates to all the latter. I can sense the enthusiasm when you’re involved in a partnered/sponsored post; they don’t seem to be forced in any way. Although, I no longer need to promote myself workwise; I was very interested in learning about today’s “appropriate” workplace attire. I will definitely share what I’ve learned!

    • Helena

      Thank you so much, Nicole!!

  • Vicky Sullivan

    Thanks for the advice. This couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m on the job hunt.


  • Nicolette

    I’ve come to love LinkedIn. It’s really easy to use and seems to be best at being up to date of job postings. There also has been no spam, unlike with Monster and others.

  • Jalisa

    What great tips and this sounds like such a wonderful and insightful event! I love that both J.Crew and LinkedIn teamed up on this one because so often knowing what to wear on an interview can be quite overwhelming and daunting, so receiving tips from both sources that intertwine is incredibly helpful! That said, you look absolutely beautiful in your two outfits, so sleek and professional. Thanks for sharing the tips discussed for those of us who couldn’t attend, I’ve bookmarked this post for future reference 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, beauty!



    • Helena

      I’m so glad to read! Thank yo, Jalisa!

      Hope you’re feeling well during your pregnancy!

  • The Girl From Connecticut

    Such a great post! Thank you for sharing these tips!


  • Briana

    I love this post! Actually, this is the kind of content I wish that I saw more of on blogs. It’s helpful, informative, and provides tips that you don’t see everywhere else. It’s definitely refreshing, so thank you! 🙂

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

  • Jade

    Cute outfits


  • Sel

    Hello Helena, firstly let me say that I find your blog content to be authentic and my perception of you is that you choose to align yourself with brands/sponsors that you believe in. You come across as intelligent, caring, professional and you respond to criticism with a calm, polite and logical head – responding to the complaints/concerns of an individual and not attacking the individual. Secondly, the advice given in this post is fantastic. One thing that I think is important for prospective employees is to know their financial worth in their particular industry (based on experience, skills and level of education). My husband and I own and manage an IT company and when interviewing for graduate positions, we have found that there are quite a number of tertiary graduates with an over-inflated view of their financial worth. For example, we had a candidate apply for a graduate position. He was straight out of university with no experience in the IT industry. He fulfilled all of our selection criteria and a graduate position was offered to him (and he was to be paid a graduate salary). He declined our offer (not a problem). The audacity of this young, inexperienced graduate – he informed us that he would not get out of bed for any IT employer that does not offer him a starting graduate salary of $100 000.

  • Alyssa

    I love all of these tips!! And those two outfits are perfect for the casual/stylish business world. x



    Amazing and Useful Info! 🙂



  • gaya hidup

    thanks, great article

  • Weronika

    White jeans? Oh my, oh my… am I the only one who would be dreading the way to that interview? Passing everyone holding a hot coffee cup with panic in your eyes? hahaha. You do look great, though.

  • lisa waage

    Your blog is amazing and you always do a great job !! Your insights and feelings are so real and you are so honest with all your tidbits of information
    You are truly an inspiration to read everyday and I look forward to all your great outfits ! You always look beautiful no matter what you wear ! Stay on the same track as you always have been in the last couple of years
    Happy Shopping and fashioning each and everyday!

    Miss you Lisa

  • Claire

    Helena, keep doing you and don’t listen to the negative people out there! You have a strong voice and I never doubt the authenticity of your content. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog and get some fashion inspiration and lifestyle/mommy tips!

  • brett

    I am so shocked that someone would think this partnership doesn’t fit you or your brand! I’ve been reading you for YEARS now and have always thought of you as a mature, business minded blogger (something that most lack – or at least lack translating into their blog). I blog for fun but I work for a huge corporation in recruiting (and have been in recruiting for 7 years now). I think your blog does a great job of reaching readers like me – women who love clothes and style and having fun but take their careers and executive presence seriously.

    Anyway, just my two cents ? Keep up the good work and great content!

  • plants vs zombies

    Thank you for sharing this article with us! I believe there will be more people like me, they can find many interesting things in this article of you!

  • Michelle bell

    Definitely a helpful post to those struggling to piece together their LinkedIn accounts. I personally wanted to ask about the 40 word summary. I recently removed mine from my profile because of feedback stating that employers don’t really read them. Your post negates this so I was wonder what you feel the importance of the summary is? How exactly does it help employers find me? Thanks!

  • Francine

    Hi Helena,

    I’ve said this before, but I have found your blog to be by far the most genuine. I’ve stopped following so many other bloggers, simply because I felt that each one was one giant Nordstrom catalog. I’m not interested in 20 items of the day and the constant quest for more stuff. That’s not genuine. Anyhow, I again want to say how much I enjoy your take on fashion – that you truly wear what you enjoy. It’s clear that you curate, not accumulate.

  • emilia

    “*A pair of jeans with a blazer -as shown in my above photo. Rips in your denim depend on the type of job and company. ” You’re absolutely right… definitely depends on the type of job… because ripped denim in some professions are a big NOOOOO NOOOOO!! …. I like this post, however, I would have liked to see you model the outfits you recommended.. or see the every day “working girl” wear them (As a new reader, I don’t know if you are just choosing these outfits for the partnership, or if you truly stand behind them) Do you actually own these clothes, worn them, tried and tested??? I saw you have received some negative feedback, which your fans are very quickly to defend you. I hope none of them take this for one. Love your posts, however, any feedback is better than no feedback. 😉

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    Homegirl is a hater. Keep up the awesome and authentic content! You’re STILL my favorite blog to read!

    XO Melanin Monroe

  • Run 3

    Yes! Everything I’m wearing is J Crew! I’m not going to lie, I do find some of their pieces a tad boxy and occasionally will get them tailored! However, the blazer I’m wearing as is (without tailoring) and a size 4 ends up working perfectly for me.

  • Allie

    Excellent post, Helena.

    Discovering your ideal professional style is beneficial for both increasing your confidence and making a great first impression.

    For those with work attire they no longer fit in or wear, please consider donating your professional clothing to local organisations. These organisations often provide job specific clothing along with interview and skills training to people in need who are seeking employment.

    Have a lovely day,

    Professional Life & Business Coach

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