March 7, 2019

Classic Coat Worn with Two Belt Options: Which Do You Prefer?

Classic Camel Coat Outfit by Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Outfit details: Mackage Babie Camel Coat, Gucci Marmont Belt, Classic Camel Coat Outfit by Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

A Classic Camel Coat Outfit - Winter Style by Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Classic Coat Outfit - Winter Style by Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Brooklyn Blonde is featuring the Mackage Babie Camel Coat and YSL Saint Laurent Belt

Brooklyn Blonde is featuring the Mackage Babie Camel Coat and YSL Saint Laurent Belt Coat: Mackage ‘Babie’ | Bodysuit: Wolford | Belts: Gucci & Saint Laurent (wearing a size 80 in both) | Denim: Levis (runs TTS) | Boots: Louboutin (budget-friendly here)

Keith and I took these photos on our way to dinner at one of our favorites, L’Artusi. I had snow boots on in the car, but quickly swapped into my boots before we went into the restaurant.

On a completely different note, I am sharing this outfit with two different belts: the Gucci, worn over my coat and my latest piece, a Saint Laurent belt. I didn’t actually wear it with both belts in real life. But it’s been fun playing around with one outfit, worn in a slightly different way and sharing the options.

Yesterday on Instagram, I started a conversation about the Gucci belt. You all may have noticed, I haven’t worn the belt in quite a long time. It became so saturated on Instagram, in NYC and in the blogging world, that I lost that lovin’ feeling . However, a commenter did point out that while it is in fact saturated in my world, that is not the case in other industries or even, other cities. Regardless, I cannot help how I feel and quite frankly, needed to give it a little break. With that being said, I do like how it looks with blazers and outerwear. It might be awhile before I wear it with denim again. But I don’t plan on selling it, like I do with so many other pieces I no longer adore.

So, which look do you prefer more: coat closed with oversized Gucci belt or the smaller, YSL belt?

In addition, I should mention, when I wore the YSL belt, I used the belt tie that the coat originally came with, not the Gucci belt.

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photos by Keith Hodne



  • Marta

    I really like the way it looks tied with the Gucci belt, it looks different and adds more personality to the outfit.

  • Tonya

    I absolutely agree with you (as usual) on the Gucci belt. However, I do love how you paired it with the beautiful coat! You look so beautiful and classy in everything you put on! Another great look from my favorite blogger!

  • Francine

    100% agree on the Gucci belt. (I’m glad I never purchased it.) I adore the YSL belt! Understated but still so impactful. I may have to bite the bullet on that one!

  • Abby

    I’m so over the Gucci belt. It seems more like a blogger status symbol than a true stylish piece. I much prefer the understated look of the YSL belt.

  • Mireia

    I love how it looks belted!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Lorna

    I still love my Gucci belts, I have both the brown and black, they’re not as popular here where I am as they are there, but my recent purchase was an LV belt which I love. Out of these looks I like the YSL belt more because I like the coat open, I don’t think it has to do with the belt, just my preference for the coat open and the belt around the jeans not the coat. Lorna xx.

  • Nicole Sioui

    As opposed to some bloggers who wear it in every post, you’ve managed to distance its appearance / pairing with outfits – resulting in it looking fresh every time you wear it. I’d say it’s all about dosage. Understandably, some people feel “over it” due to its overly saturated presence on IG.
    You don’t see a Gucci belt on every corner where I live. So, when I wear mine, people take a second look or have actually approached me about it.

  • Anette

    I love the coat with the Gucci belt. I’m not a blogger, but have the belt myself. I don’t use it a whole lot, but feel it is a cool statement piece I want to keep.
    This look inspired me, thank you:)

  • nat


    i love the coat with both the belts


  • Danica Watson

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  • Luxury Leather Goods

    The coat in camel colour is immaculate; I love its length, the tone and the classic look. The GG belt is trendy for last year. I like it for its versatileness, you can wear it with the classic garment as this outstanding coat is, as well with a casual outfit. You look chic!

  • bulk-bill psychological practice perth

    I think the Gucci belt looks more stylish, but I’d go with the other option for an every-day look


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    • maria


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