April 18, 2016

Checking In!



Jacket: VEDA also in cognac | Denim: Citizens of Humanity | Tee: GAP Maternity (lived in these tees) | Shoes: Barbara Bui | Sunglasses: Prada

Hi! Wanted to give a quick update!

I was due last Thursday, but sitting here still pregnant and just waiting around at this point.  I have my next doctors appointment tomorrow (Tuesday), so we’ll see what she says. At first, I appreciated the extra time and wasn’t necessarily in a rush to go into labor, but now I’m ready. At least as ready as one can be. I’m hoping I don’t have to get induced and it happens naturally, so doing everything I’ve been told to do and just crossing my fingers.

On to the outfit. I borrowed this amazing jacket from a friend and since, have been dreaming about it in this color. You can always count on VEDA to make such beautiful pieces (wearing their burgundy one here).



  • Marina r

    Wishing you all the best 🙂 Its nice to have an update since i feel like all of your readers are curious to know how you are doing at this point!
    (including myself) since we have sort of all been on this ride with you 🙂
    Good luck!

  • Rena

    Cool combo with the lace-up shoes and the wonderful jacket!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Rena

      And for sure all the best to you also from my side <3 xx Rena

  • natali

    I hope that everything will go right and that you won’t have to be induced, but if you will have to, don’t worry, it’s nothing bad… 🙂
    You look fantastic and I think that you totally rocked the maternity style during your whole pregnancy! 🙂


  • Eva

    Ahh all the best, any day now I’m sure! You also look amazing in this outfit! 🙂


  • Jo Ann A

    Wishing you the best! Good luck!

  • Sara Morais

    From all the bloggers I follow, no one has rocked the maternity style quite like you. You impersonate my idea of an independent, stylish, New York woman in such a perfect way and you’re exactly the kind of person I see myself creating shoes for. Even during pregnancy, you’ve never compromised your style and you totally nailed it. So I wish all the best, hope everything goes well and quick and I can’t wait to meet (digitally) your super-stylish-to-be son.

    xx Sara

    • BrooklynBlonde

      Such a great compliment! Thank you!!!

  • Dana Mannarino

    Good luck with everything, wishing you the best!

    PS: Great look, love all of the olive!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  • Nicole sioui

    Nice jacket, I’ve been contemplating a kaki Givenchy bag. Liking this neutral color for spring. Babies usually come when your not thinking about it. Good luck!

  • Anna

    Hi Helena,
    I know exactly how you feel. At 41 weeks I decided to get induced as I was sooo tired of wobbling and rolling. Honestly if you are just done with it – I would recommend the induction. Bonus is that you can make get a blow out and a mani pedi right before hand as I promise you, there will be no time for any of that for at least 3 weeks after the baby gets here. Good luck!!

    • BrooklynBlonde

      Haha, yes! Definitely thought of that bonus! I already got a pedicure and a gel mani since that lasts way longer. Thanks so much!

  • pia

    you look amazing, I love your jeans and the flats are perfect!
    Lunjasky bloglovin

  • sanssouci

    In love with your jacket! Amazing outfit! Best of luck!!!


    Love the color palate here!

  • brett

    Love that jacket! Very cool!


  • Emmy Corinne

    Ahh you look so cute pregnant! Good luck with your new baby <3

    Bombshell approved

    Boys and Bombshell

  • Kerrie summers

    Helena I’m getting so excited for you and know exactly what it’s like to be “ready”. Baby will come when he’s ready so just make the most of your baby-free time and get as much sleep as you can! So so excited for you x x x

  • Liz

    love that jacket


  • Maru Conti

    Wishing you the best!

  • PSLily boutique

    Wishing all the best! Love the bag 🙂

    Lily | pslilyboutique.com

  • Anna R

    We’re in the same boat: my due date was the 16th, and no sign of baby here either. Seeing the doc tomorrow myself as well….
    ONly started following your blog recently. Thanks for all the pregnancy styling inspo!

  • Jenny

    Love the jacket and so cute with the bump! 🙂

    xo Jenny

  • vera

    You look amazing! Good look!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  • Bri

    Love the jacket.


  • Azu

    That jacket looks beautiful on you. I love your entire outfit. Especially your shoes 🙂

    Good luck to you! I hope the baby comes out as pain free as possible. <3 <3 <3

    xo Azu


  • Ebbie styles

    You’ve had such an amazing style while pregnant! Loving your blog


  • Shirley Doremi

    Good luck and all the best! chic pregnancy look as always!

  • Alex

    Such a nice look. Love the leather jacket and the lace-up shoes together! Looks awesome!
    xx Alex

  • Judi Hume

    I’m a grandmother, but I always read your blog, because I still work full time, I still love fashion and you have a terrific sense of style. Reading that you’re overdue takes me back. A zillion years ago, when I was young, pregnant, and overdue, a friend said something to me that made me feel so good that all these years later, I still remember it. She said, “Being overdue is really good, because it means your body is like a total luxury hotel to your baby!” I hope that makes you feel good too! 🙂 Wishing you the best and looking forward to your posts about the wonderful new adventure that awaits you with your little one!

    • BrooklynBlonde

      Love that quote!!! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  • Dianna ROberts

    You are so beautiful! With your first baby I understand the need and desperation at times to get that baby out! From my experience being induced with my first child was way worse! It made my labor soooooo much longer! I was induced at 7am and didn’t deliver until 10pm and I was so exhausted I nearly asked for a C-section. Babies will come when they’re good and ready and often times they miscalculate the actual number of weeks you are preggers, so my advice is to wait for it to happen naturally. Best of luck! 😉

  • Alyssa

    In love with the jacket, especially the color!! Wishing you the best and can’t wait to hear more updates about your pregnancy. Can’t believe you’re going into labor soon! xx


  • mONIKA

    Love this jacket!

  • Tasha Juli

    I’m loving this olive jacket! Looks great on you, Helena!
    Tasha Juli

  • Christine

    Wishing you a quick and safe delivery!

  • Sian

    Love seeing someone make pregnancy look so stylish!!! I’m 18weeks pregnant and am loving this source of inspiration.

  • Karen

    I really love you jacket choices. All the best. xo Karen

  • Polina

    Great looking outfit!!! Love the color of the jacket,

    And best of luck at your next appointment! I remember the last few days being the hardest because of the up-in-air feeling, It’s like a quiet before the best kind of emotional storm 😉

    Red Lipstick Optional

  • fashion over matter

    You look beautiful!! That jacket is everything, love it so much!!

  • Chelsea Henriquez

    Crossing my fingers for you! Hoping the little one comes sooner than later:)


  • Aïchatou Bella

    SLAYED!! You are killing this!


    Aïchatou Bella

  • coffeeslag

    LOVING that jacket paired with those gorgeous shoes. Seriously great look!


    COFFEESLAG New In: Chanel Mini

  • Minau

    Very nice ensemble! Great jacket!

  • Fatma

    Wish you best of luck 🙂 Hope we hear some good news soon.
    I remember I went 12 days after my due. Take it easy and I hope everything will pass well.

  • fashiontipp

    You look very stylish! Love the bag, it’s perfect!!!
    Marina from http://fashiontipp.com

  • Anne Benton

    Thinking of you and praying for a healthy labor/delivery!

    Looking gorgeous, as always!


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