October 20, 2021

Chanel Trendy CC Bag Review

woman wearing long coat and holding Chanel Trendy CC BagWhen I get asked what my favorite Chanel bag (that I own) is, on most days, the answer is my Trendy CC Flap.

Chanel Trendy CC Bag Review

I’ve owned this bag for about five years and somehow, I’ve grown to love it even more over time. I first spotted his bag on a stylish woman in Soho. I could not get it out of my mind. After deliberating for months and trying it on many times, I made it mine. There’s never been an ounce of buyers remorse. And, over the years, I’ve worn in hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

woman wearing sweater, leggings, and holding Chanel Trendy CC Bag

A funny (sort of) story about this bag: when I was chatting to the Chanel Sales Associates, I mentioned that I’m not someone who is easy on their things. I really wear my bags and I’m not necessarily interested in babying a handbag. She convinced me to not worry and told me the bag was calfskin leather – which is known to be more durable than lambskin. I ended up leaving the store with it and over the years, I was 100% convinced it wasn’t lamb.

Not only because of what the SA told me, but simply because it wore so well. I would travel with it, wear it on mom duty and really just wear it without ever being overly cautious. Fast forward to another conversation and a lot of digging. Posting on Chanel FB groups and my own research, I come to find that the quilted Trendy has only ever been made in lamb. My mind was blown! All these years, I was convinced it wasn’t lamb. Now, I’m realizing that certain lamb bags are not as delicate as I thought. However, I will say that experts do say that certain styles are way more delicate than others. Even when the same material.

woman wearing leggings, fur jacket and holding Chanel Trendy CC Bagblack Chanel bag

Features of the Trendy CC Bag

My point is, if you’re considering the Trendy and worried about its durability, I’m here to tell you that it is very durable. Granted, I’m not overly bothered by a small little scratch or an indent. But even still, I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. I think it’s such a Chanel classic and the style has gone into the forever classic category. A lot of people ask me whether I prefer the trendy or the flap and while the flap is easier to wear as a cross body and I really dl adore my flaps (I own two), I do find the trendy to be a bit more special.

Less people have it and in general, it just really elevates the most simple of outfits. Part of the reason is the top handle and another is the Chanel plate on the top of the bag (as shown above). Then again, one could say that any Chanel bag elevates an outfit and while that is true, I love the Trendy a bit more. Just personal preference and obviously, no right or wrong way to go.

woman taking a selfie inside her walk-in closet

large, small, and medium boxes{image via Brag My Bag}


The Trendy CC comes in three sizes: small (the one I have), medium and large. I went with the small. I liked how it could easily transition from a day outfit to something I can wear a bit more dressed up. Not formal dressed up (way too casual for that, IMO), but if I was going to a nice dinner. The medium is also a great size. And, if I were getting a second one, I may consider it, but I’m very happy with my small.

The measurements for all three:

Chanel Small Trendy: 6.7’ x 9.8’ x 4.7’ inches

The Chanel Medium Trendy: 7.5’ x 11.8’ x 4.7’ inches

Chanel Large Trendy: 10.2’ x 12.2’ x 6.3’ inches

woman standing outside a building What it fits inside: Even when I’m not with the kids and just going out, I’m someone who likes to carry their life in their bag. I wish I was that effortless person who can leave with just a tiny little clutch. But that will never be me.

With that said, this bag fits my essentials, but I never have much room leftover. My essentials include: my phone (a 12Max Pro), a cardholder wallet, a few makeup items and I can squeeze my mini Mason Pearson brush if necessary. For most, that seems like enough room and honestly, it is. I’m just someone that if given the option to add ten more things like a portable charger, some snacks and other odds and ends, I would.

woman posing outside a building Where to get:

Aside from purchasing from a Chanel boutique or a store that carries Chanel (like Bergdorfs – reach out to @InnaYourShoes or Adrienne from Neiman Marcus @adrienne.az), there are several options: Fashionphile (where I purchased my Chanel Urban Spirit backpack), The RealReal or Vestiaire. Please keep in mind that while you may pay less than when buying from a store, that won’t always be the case. It really depends on how in demand a certain bag is and how hard it is to find. At this point, many Chanel bags, including the Trendy, are not easy find, therefore, the prices will possibly reflect that.

woman wearing black top, black jeans, and black boots

woman fixing the hem of her jeans I hope you found this post helpful and if there is anything I possibly left out, please let me know! Also, I plan to do this for all of my Chanel bags down the line. Let me know which one you’d want me to review next.



  • christy

    quick question, at the beginning of the post you mentioned this bag being the medium size but later in the post say it’s the small size. could you clarify? thank you!

    • Helena

      Hi Christy,
      Thanks for pointing that out and I just fixed. I have the small!

  • Alineh

    I’ve been eyeing this bag for so long! Super helpful review. Thanks for sharing.

    • Angie

      Beautiful bag! Would you recommend this bag for a petite frame? I’m 4”11 and I don’t know if this bag would look too big. Thank you

      • Jo

        Go for the small. I’m the same height and have tried it. It looks great. Top of my list!

  • tito21

    I hope you found this post helpful and if there is anything I possibly left out, please let me know! Also, I plan to do this for all of my Chanel bags down the line. Let me know which one you’d want me to review next.

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    Good post

  • BrIttni

    I agree 💯. Obsessed with my trendy, too. My husband gifted me with the hot pink chevron version when I gave birth to my daughter and it’s so much more versatile than I thought it would be, even in a wild color. I love the ways you style yours. Keep the info and info coming. Trendy for life!

  • Lily

    I have been eyeing this bag in medium for quite some time and haven’t made the purchase yet. I love it’s functionality and how diverse it can look on everyone. I’ll be a mom of two soon and your post was very helpful as I use my purses as well (that’s why we buy it!) I’m sure mine will hold kid snacks 😝

  • Yasmine McLean

    Thanks for this post, it was very helpful! I wear my items as well, and it’s nice to know this bag is durable.

  • Tina

    I love how you styled your Trendy! We’re deep in our rainy/snowy season in Vancouver and I miss taking mine out! Too risky on the lambskin 🙁

  • L

    Hi! Love the review and love the bag. Do you have it with the silver or gold hardware?

  • mahdi

    Thanks to this type of article news that may worth it to read.فشار خون بالا

  • Cecilie

    Hi, I am thinking on getting the Trendy CC. How is it crossbody? And can I ask how tall you are? I would like to get it in a small, but I am 5’10 so I dont know if it is going to be too small…

    • Lidia

      Hi there , did you got your bag ? I have same height like you and can’t decide what size of purse do I need .

  • Maricela

    I have loved this bag forever and finally got it in the small, in white. I love it! Thank you for your review, it truly helped.

  • Renee Serfling

    Please write about your Chanel Flap purses, and why you have two (differences). I loved your article (and pictures on the Chanel Trendy – you talked me into making the decision to buy a black medium Trendy. Thank you!

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