October 15, 2018

Boyfriend Blazer & Vintage Chanel Belt


woman in Boyfriend Blazer Outfit and Vintage Chanel Belt

woman wearing Theory Boyfriend Blazer, Vintage Chanel Belt, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Helena of Brooklyn Blonde Boyfriend Blazer Outfit, Vintage Chanel Belt, Fall Style, Monochromatic Black Outfit

Boyfriend Blazer Outfit, Vintage Chanel Belt, Fall Style, Monochromatic Black Outfit, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Blazer: Theory | Denim: Something Navy (old) | Shoes: Saint Laurent (love this option for less) | Bag: Fendi | Belt: Vintage Chanel

Boyfriend Blazer & Vintage Chanel Belt

I’ve spoken about my love for belted blazers recently and here’s just another example. My best friend got me this vintage Chanel belt for my 30th birthday and it remains one of my most treasured pieces in my closet.

Whether vintage Chanel or not, I really do appreciate a good belt buy. For pairing with denim (rather than how I’m wearing here), I’ve been loving this one and this one from W.Kleinberg (in general, so many great belts). For a splurge worthy higher end piece, I always love the belts from Saint Laurent (currently very into this one).

And while we’re on the belt topic, I’ve received several messages asking me my opinion on Gucci belts. I do own both the larger and smaller version, but lately, been reaching for the smaller one way more. The larger one has become so saturated (especially in the bloggersphere) that I needed to give it a little break. I will say, I do prefer it worn  with coats in a more dramatic way versus wearing the traditional way. Just a fun way to freshen the look up! I’ll eventually bring it back out, but for the time being, I’m giving it a bit of a rest.

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photos by Tilden Brighton 



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