September 11, 2013

Black & Blue (Plus a Hair Update!)

Leather Top: Rag & Bone thanks to Saks | Pants: Parker (in black here) | Shoes: Saint Laurent | Bag: Saint Laurent | Lipstick: MAC Red | Sunglasses: Ray BanThis leather top is one of those “luxury basic” items that I’m sure I’m going to be wearing for years to come. I’ve only owned it for about two weeks and I’ve already worn it three times.

Also, a lot of you have been asking about my hair and whether I gave up on the growing out process. Believe it or not, I’m still growing it out and the roots are fully there, especially in the inside of my hair. Some of you may remember me mentioning that I was going to visit the salon to speak about eventually going into a blonde ombre look. My hair girl listened to me, agreed that it was a good idea, but told me it was going to take a few more months before we could really go there (my roots need to be longer). In the meantime, she used two toners: one at my roots and one on the rest of hair so the contrast wasn’t so stark. So, in the above photos (and in the past few posts) all it is, is toner and a touch of “mini highlights” around my face & crown! It’s eventually going to wash out revealing my actual roots, but so far, it’s good enough to get me by. She suggested I come back in 6 weeks, or longer if I could stand it.

Also, I know I promised a Keratin Hair Treatment review and I did not forget! I just wanted to wait a few weeks so I can properly talk about the pros and the cons and give you my honest opinion. Promise to be posting about that next week!

Photos by Keith Hodne



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