February 10, 2017

My Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

the 7 best instagram accounts to follow@_justynaniko_

This account is just pure visual eye candy. The photography and styling really just blow me away.

the 7 best instagram accounts to follow@andicsinger

I’m probably way late in discovering Sydney based Andy, but she’s quickly become one of my favorites for minimalist perfection. I mean, lets talk about the outfit on the bottom left. I wish I could wear that right now. Actually, I wish I could wear that every single day!

the 7 best instagram accounts to follow@bondi_mumma

Jodie, the Australian mom (or mum) of three boys always always manages to put a smile on my face. She doesn’t sugarcoat motherhood and shares the good, the bad and while managing to make us laugh. I love her instagram, but for an extra peak into her life, her instastories is my favorite!

the 7 best instagram accounts to follow@kajastef

Klara’s account makes me want to strip my entire home and decorate from scratch. Her Scandavian interior style is so beautiful, I’m actually blown away at just how talented she is.

the 7 best instagram accounts to follow@melissawoodhealth

Melissa, a NYC based wellness coach, is one of my go-to accounts when I need a boost of positivity. She shares everything from easy vegan recipes, helpful tips on living a healthy lifestyle and her life as a mom of the cutest toddler boy. It was actually from her that I learned that I should be taking a probiotic, something I’ve incorporated into my daily routine.

the 7 best instagram accounts to follow@mytrainercarmen

Whenever I’m in need of some workout ideas, Carmen is one of my favorite accounts to turn to. Whether I’m at the gym, traveling or at home, I get so many great ideas that I’m able to modify to my workout routine.

the 7 best instagram accounts to follow@vachtvanvilt.nl

It was from this account, that I found the above Klara. I stumbled upon this account when searching for a handmade wool blanket (seen here) and all of their photos make me want to curl up with a blanket, a warm cup of tea and a netflix movie.

There you have some of my favorites. How about you? Are there are accounts that you absolutely love? Please share!



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