March 8, 2017

Treat Yourself: The Best Luxury Facials in New York City


Above image courtesy of Georgia Louise

Much like finding a great colorist or stylist, finding a great facialist is an intimidating task. After all, it is our face that we’re talking about and after experiencing some traumatizing facials in my day, I don’t trust my face to just anyone.  For me, a facial is less about the relaxation process (although it usually is!) and more about the skin maintenance process. I want the facialist to do what I can’t do at home-extractions, micro, and all the bells and whistles. Give me all of it! Whenever I’m lucky enough to get one, my skin literally glows for weeks. I need less makeup (if any at all), fewer skincare products and I just look so much better.

These places are not cheap and I do apologize for that, but I can promise you, I recommend each of these places with full blown confidence. These are not frilly facials, but the real deal. Truth be told, I’d rather skip buying a pair of shoes or a handbag and invest in great skincare maintenance. With that being said, I am currently working on a part two to this series that will feature places that won’t break the bank.

Just keep in mind, if you’re planning to get a facial before an event, make sure you get it a couple of days prior. It’s likely that you’ll be red for a few days, but your skin will look its best by day 2-4.

 Aida Bicaj

Best Facials in NYC - Aida Bicaj

Where: Upper East Side (30 East 67th Street, fifth floor; 212-861-1007).

How Much? A facial with Aida is $640; with another associate it’s $300-$450, depending on what facial you choose.

Aida Bicaj was my first foray into “fancy facials” and it was the start of something dangerous (in the best possible way). I discovered Aida shortly after I discovered Biologique Recherche P50, after reading that she primarily uses the Biologique line throughout the entire treatment. After that bit, I also found out that it was Jenna Lyons favorite place and I was further sold. It was after leaving my first appointment, that I began to understand why some women become obsessed with skincare maintenance that goes beyond their at-home routine. An appointment with Aida herself is a small fortune (these days, it’s over $600!!), but since that visit, I’ve seen her other associates and have been equally as impressed.

Star Product: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970

Joanna Vargas

Best Facials in NYC - Joanna Vargas

Where: Midtown East (501 Fifth Avenue @42nd street; 212-949-2350

How Much: A facial with Joanna is $500; with one of her associates, it’s $250-$300, depending on what you choose.

After years of hearing the hype, I finally treated myself to their signature Triple Crown Facial after hearing Keiko rave about it. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than having a friend you trust, especially in the skincare department, be the guinea pig. After I left, I understood what the hype was about. The Triple Crown is a micro-current facial that enhance the contours of your face, drain puffiness and enhance elasticity. It’s basically a non-invasive mini facelift.

Star Product: Joanna Vargas Euphoria Face Mask

Georgia LouiseBest Facials in NYC - Georgia LouiseBest Facials in NYC - Georgia LouiseImages courtesy: Georgia Louise

Where: Upper East Side (114 East 71st Street; 212-472-1400).

How Much: $600+ dollars (and a heck of a long wait list) for Louise herself, or $300+, for one of her associates.

It’s the combination of state of the art technology and holistic methods that make Georgia Louise an industry and celebrity favorite (hellooo Emma Stone). All of her treatments, tailored to each clients specific skin needs, will naturally lift cheekbones and brows, de-puff and soften fine lines through multiple high tech devices from microneedling to micro-current.

Star Product(s): Georgia Louise Signature Line

Rescue Spa

Best Luxury Facials in NYC, Rescue Spa, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Image source: Rescue Spa

Where: Flatiron (29 East 19th Street; 866-772-2766)

How Much: Signature Facials are $150-$300, with Add-Ons & Quick Fixes priced at $100 for each; Advanced Skin Treatments start at $300. See complete facial list here.

Rescue Spa offers a highly personalized, integrative and comprehensive approach to skin care and beauty, providing people with indulgent experiences at their brick and mortar locations in NYC (and Philadelphia), as well as online where you can purchase the products used during your facial experience.

Founder Danuta Mieloch’s technique and passion is what truly sets Rescue apart.  She takes a full spectrum approach, combining the most natural of ingredients while also welcoming advanced technologies for a truly trendsetting environment. The products used at Rescue Spa are pure, concentrated, innovative, and as natural as possible, and are paired with the latest technological advancements including Microcurrents, Microdermabrasion, IPL, LED, Refirme, and eMatrix.

Star Product(s): Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum & Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970



  • sasa

    It looks amazing:P

    Shall We Sasa

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Beautiful! Merci for sharing these wonderl places for beauty facials. 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Laurel

    Hi would you please include prices of all these services? Do they have websites I can peruse? I understand that you love their facials, how about their products? Do you feel they pushed their products just to sell? Do you actually use their products? What did they recommend for a skincare routine? (Same as yours?). Sorry for the 10000 questions, I feel the same I invest in my skin more than a good handbag or shoes. So I’m heavily interested in this post. Once I cut dairy out of my diet, my skin has never glowed as much. A mixture of healthy eating and diet are big!!!! Thank you so much for being so forthcoming and sharing. xoxo

    • Helena

      Hey Laurel! I just updated all with prices. Hope that helps! Also, each place is linked above (if you click on the name above each photo).

      I never find them to be pushy with their products. I use a wide range of products, some from the above companies and some others.


  • Megan

    Alright between this post and a recent post by Caroline Hirons I am convinced. I have never had a professional facial (didn’t want to drop the cash and become an addict), but here is a facialist here in Dallas I have been dying to try. I have made the appointment.

    Wish me luck!

  • Lauren

    I agree, it’s so hard finding a great facialist. Love all the sound of these tho! x

  • Kathy Mannino

    I have had the SAME issue with jawline breakouts, but (unluckily for me) mine started when I was just two months pregnant and has YET to clear up for a long period of time! The things we do for our children…

  • Kimberley

    Any readers have a suggestion for a facialist in Boston?

  • Mireia

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Wholl

    These look so cute! I love the color x , thanks for sharing xxx You will like to see more fun from here.

  • Aria Di Bari

    All of those places look amazing, I have to check about these!

  • Alexa williams

    I love a good facial! Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ll be sure to check them out the next time I’m in NYC! ❤️

  • Alexa williams

    I love a good facial! Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ll be sure to check them out the next time I’m in NYC! ❤️

  • CER

    Maybe I need to try Joanna Vargas again, but I found it to be completely over-hyped! I really love Ling Skincare. There are two locations, but I’ve only been to the Union Square one. They are on the more affordable end of the spectrum – I’ve spent anywhere from $300-$500, depending on what I was having done. I’ve seen multiple aestheticians and they are all EXTREMELY thorough. Really worth checking out! They keep later hours, so it’s great for an after work visit.

    • Helena

      Hi Cer,

      Oh! Never tried Ling but will definitely put them on my radar.

      And sorry to hear your experience at JV wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. If you give them another shot, ask for Liz!

  • cheryl

    Anyone have facial recommendations in SF or Santa rosa/ napa area?????

  • Stick War

    So chic and effortless! It’s so you! Love the trench!

  • Kim phAm

    Love your rêsrch

  • Briana

    The Erno Laszlo membership is such a great deal! But, Aida Bicaj’s space is probably the most beautiful place I can imagine getting a facial.



    Looks so Beautiful!!! Definitely Worth it!


  • Deelisa sacco

    Loved the article- so inspiring to read about wonderful aestheticians offering treatments clients benefit from & adore. Thank you. Warm Regards, DeeLisa ps Federico Lupo is my friend & stylist??


    hi,i like very much your dress and your blog..i follow you,i hope you folow my blog YOUR FASHION CHIC
    see you soonwrite me!

  • Allison

    Joanna Vargas became my SANCTUARY. I got hooked on a Gilt City deal and then caved to paying full price because they do such a great job. Might have to cheat and check out some of your other recommendations.

    Allison |

  • Lizzie

    Helena! Love your blog and obsessed with you little family. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I come to your blog often for skin care tips and products that you use and love (currently in the market for a great moisturizer). I would love to know more about which facial treatment you specifically prefer best (micro current, hydro facial, etc). As I increase in age (hello 30s!), my skincare routine has changed and definitely see the value of investing more $$$ into it. I have been reading up on micro current facials and am dying to try but unfortunately that trend hasn’t become wide spread in Minneapolis yet. If you are willing to share, have you or do you currently get Botox and what are your thoughts on that anti-aging process?

    Thanks again!

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