May 14, 2018

Bathroom Inspo {Remodeling!}

bathroom inspo with wood and white designbathroom inspo for mirror and sinkblack and white bathroom inspo white bathroom inspo Bathroom Inspo {Remodeling!}

In less than two weeks, we’re going to begin remodeling both our kitchen and bathroom. Last week, I shared some inspiration images behind our kitchen remodel and today it’s all about the bathroom.

At the moment, Keith and I are trying to pinpoint the exact direction we want to go in. We know a few things for sure: we want some black and white elements with touches of earth tones, like a wooden vanity (maybe?) and a freestanding tub. For our floors, we’re thinking either all black or a black and white pattern. We don’t want to spend our entire budget on floors, so while I really loved some of the marble designs I spotted, I’m trying to reel it in before it gets out of hand.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by this entire process, but equally, really excited. As I mentioned before, our current bathroom is peach, extremely outdated and needs an insane amount of work! I promise to share before and afters once the project is completed.

If anyone has any tips, recommendations, personal experiences or references, I welcome them with open arms!

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  • Allie

    All of those inspirational photos are gorgeous, I love the patterned floors. Tile is so beautiful in a bathroom, but also practical since it’s easy to life up and replace a tile or two if there’s ever a plumbing issue. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! xAllie

  • Marianne Peirce

    Hi, I love these! We’re in the same process of doing a bunch of work to a very old house that we will be moving into this coming winter (fingers crossed for that timing anyway 🙂 ).. One thing I’m avoiding is a dark bathroom floor. We have it in our current house and I feel like it doesn’t look clean. It’s like a black/charcoal large tile and I just feel like it seems grimey (sp?) even after getting it professionally cleaned with some type of giant machine that they brought in.. Maybe your black tile wouldn’t end up feeling like that, just just passing on my experience w/ it.
    Good luck and can’t wait to see pics.

  • fashion and frappes

    Just for the bathroom redone. I liked some of the ideas I saw on Pinterest and other decor blogs but our one is so tiny its really difficult to fit in everything I want. Unfortunately, with bathrooms I have realised its black and white that looks the best and everything else starts looking dated quite soon. We used white metro tiles with dark grey grout which is interesting but but not over the top. I loved all the black and white inspo here! Since I next project is the kitchen I am off to that post now!

    • Colleen

      Great ides!

      Since bathrooms tend not to be as large, marble doesn’t necessarily have to be outrageously expensive. Marble works really well for bathroom floors or you may get granite to look just as great for less to incorporate with the marble for the floors. White marble with black granite inserts for example. Maybe you can can do a wood/natural element for the vanity under the sink and do marble on the wall behind the stand alone tub to match marble floors… such as up to the ceiling, giving an expansive look.

      Otherwise, depending on what flooring you have outside of the bathroom, you can simply remove any threshold at the door into the bathroom then continue that same flooring into/throughout the bathroom. So from the master bedroom into the bathroom would have the same flooring, which is a really nice look/flow for the space. I wouldn’t recommend if it’s wood typically though. Enjoy the journey! 😉

  • Ewa Macherowska

    Great inspo <3

  • Sharon

    So much great inspo! I say go with a gorgeous tile, pick one you really love. Are you doing a tub? If so do one with the faucet in the middle so when two people get in one person doesn’t have the faucet in their back. Have fun!

  • Anon

    I’m so happy you’re finally sharing “REAL” motherhood posts on social media. I feel like you’ve been trying to paint a perfect picture. And we all know that’s unreal. Takes guts!!!

  • Mireia

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Cindy

    Why don’t you do ceramic tile on the floor

  • Glory of the Snow

    Fantastic bathroom inspo, thanks for sharing!

  • Chloe

    Gorgeous inspo, good luck with your remodel!

    Chloe x

  • BeingIsabella

    First of all, you are definitely on the right track! All of these inspirational photos are perfect! My piece of advice would be to make sure there’s lots of light and mirrors because bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side and this will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom 🙂


  • Neisha

    I love the last inspo picture. The view, bathtub and titles just made me want to be there! unfortunately I can’t make any changes where I live because I’m renting.

  • company search

    Love your inspiration board. Can’t wait to see the reveal.

  • Fortune DUshey

    Were also in the process of redoing our bathroom, It’ so hard to decide… I really love the last image with the Moroccan inspired tile and bath tub. So cool!

  • Danielle Mone

    I’ve always been so into home décor and these inspo shots are perfection! I love that each one has a fun tile that adds something to the space.


  • susan sanborn

    Can you tell me the name of the paint and paint color on the gray bathroom vanity with the brass hardware.

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