August 14, 2013

Back in Neutrals



Sweater & Skirt: H&M | Booties: Rag & Bone “Harrow” | Handbag: Saint Laurent | Sunglasses: Celine Audrey | Bracelets: Hermes, Sabine via Piperlime.  Every few months, usually at the end of a season, I like to aggressively go through my closet & cabinets and get rid  of anything that is causing clutter rather than serving a purpose (this includes going through accessories and makeup, too). One would think that by this,  a “I now have nothing to wear” syndrome might happen, but if anything, it’s the exact opposite. My closet now only has pieces that I want to reach for.  My accessories become neatly displayed rather than being all thrown together and my makeup (especially nail polishes and lipsticks) are colors I want to rotate rather than forgetting what I even have.
Do you guys do that? If so, how often? I find it to be so therapeutic!

PS: This is the outfit I wore to the Beyonce concert last weekend. A combination of cute (I hope) and comfy. As always, she was mind blowing. Huge thanks for L’Oreal for allowing me to experience #BeyonceVIPs.

Photos by Keith Hodne



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