April 12, 2016

A Babyshower with Barneys New York

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Dress: Susana Monaco (ordered a size L to fit my 9 month bump) | Shoes: Louboutin (from last year) | Coat: Zara | Sunglasses: Celine

Two weekends ago, I had the incredible honor of having Barneys New York throw me a baby shower at their iconic Freds restaurant! It was truly a morning I’ll never forget and as my good friend Keiko put it: “how many people will be able to tell their children that they had a shower at Barneys?”

In order to make this memorable event happen, I started out by inviting my guests using their new Connor Digital app. What makes this app so great is that it’s incredibly easy to use both on the web and on your mobile device and the ability to manage guest lists and check RSVP’s could not be any easier. Then of course, leave it to Barneys to have a variety of invitations that have an incredibly chic and elevated aesthetic. Not that I’d expect any less from them. After browsing through their invitations, I went with a splattered blue and white paint, adorned with a little gold elephant. To complete the process, I couldn’t myself and registered for this adorable Fry Day  shirt, this #NewYorker shirt,  this sweater and pant set and the most adorable puppy stuffed animal.

Here’s the rest of the story featured on The Window and the biggest thanks to The Barneys team and Connor app for making it all happen.



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