September 26, 2017

Ask Me Your Questions!

Fall Knit and Velvet Gucci MarmontKnit: Mum’s Handmade | Bag: Gucci Marmont

When I first started Brooklyn Blonde, my favorite thing about the industry was the sense of community that I felt. Not only with my fellow peers, but with so many of you. I love being able to connect, to inspire and to be inspired. At one point, with the industry saturated with so many blogs, that feeling got slightly lost. Do you all feel that way or is it just me?

However, lately, I’ve felt that connection more than I have in awhile and quite honestly, it makes me so happy. I think instastories has a lot to do with that and the conversations we’re able to have! It’s a bit more unfiltered (of course, depending on who you follow) and real.

I get a lot of DMs in a day and I try to answer as many as I can (I’m sure there are some that I miss – I’m sorry!) but that’s what lead me to todays post. I would love to answer a bunch of your FAQ’s in a (few) posts! I often screenshot a lot of your questions and my replies back, but in 24 hours, it’s gone.

So with that being said, ask me your questions! Leave me a comment in this post, on my latest Instagram or send me a DM! Whatever is easiest. Emails might get lost, so that would be my last option.

I’ll be sharing the questions and answers this Friday on here!



  • tricia

    I’m hoping you could provide some great outfit options for pear shaped women. My body, no matter how much I weigh, is always a pear shape. I find it hard to balance the silhouette sometimes. Especially with shoes! Any help would be great. Thank you for all your inspiration! Your blog is one of my browser favorites. 🙂

  • Tori

    What are your go to healthy meals and snacks? Do you meal prep? Do you set a budget for grocery shopping? Love following along!

  • Paige

    Hi Helena! One of my favorite parts about your blog & style is how seamlessly you mix high & low brands. I would love your thoughts on when you should invest in something vs buying the more fast-fashion options!

  • Kim

    Love this idea! I’d love to know your number one tip in growing blog traffic/what to focus on – photography, SEO, etc.

    Thanks! 🙂


  • Lorna

    Hi Helena! You and I both have a very similar style, especially when it comes to bags. What do you look for mostly in a bag? What would you consider to be your absolute favourite? Or your go to when you are browsing? I find myself always drawn to cross-body, velvet, and classics, so I’d love to hear how you approach bags! Lorna.

  • Vanessa

    Can you talk a little about how you think about spending on clothes/shoes bags? Do you budget a certain amount for the season? for the year? How do you keep your shopping in check? 🙂

    • Gabrielle

      Yes! I have a similar question. Do you have a monthly budget that you have to stick to? Or do you just buy when you want to buy with no limit? How much of this stuff is free?

  • Kristina

    Since you are a great inspiration for me I would love to know who your fashion idols are!

  • Jessie

    A hair tutorial on how you do such a great top knit.

  • Naty Diaw

    what do you wish you knew before staring blogging!

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Bonjour Beautiful, this is a wonderful idea of sharing ideas and build interpersonal relationships with your readers. It’s a great way to be connect and inspired by others. 🙂
    Having the industry being saturated with so many blogs, the feeling of getting lost is easily found. What can we do to achieve the uniqueness and creating a charming space more enjoyable for the readers to visit and possibly fall in love with?

    ??LA BIJOUX BELLA ??| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Kelly

    I’d love an updated skincare routine!

    • Elle

      Me too please! are you still using sunday riley juno oil? how has it changed your skin?

  • Madeline C

    I’ve been super into the spearmint tea (thanks to your recommendation). Do you have any other tips and tricks to helping keep your skin as clear and fresh looking as possible?

  • lindsey

    You should do a post on different ways to wear velvet. I love velvet but can never seem to put an outfit together. perhaps scared?… some ideas will be great!

  • Kerrie

    Hi Helena, I love it when you ask for questions, I’ve been a long term follower of your blog so appreciate that you take the time to engage with us in this way.

    My question is this, how do you dress when you meet up with other mums/children. For example, I’m a mum of two and before I had children I absolutely lived in heels and adored fashion/looking after myself, not in a vain way, just because I enjoy it. However, since having children, sadly I find myself “dressing down” and toning down my make up because I find other mums can be SO judgemental. I haven’t worn heels for a long time. I find the horrible looks and judging from other mothers so hard to deal with. Yet I’m so unhappy dressing down just to try and fit in with them. The worst time for it is doing the school run. Have you encountered anything like this yet? Thanks Helena X X X

    • Anna

      Such a good question. I have a similar problem and I keep wonderibg myself how to deal with it.

  • MaGda

    Omg I love this knit!!!

  • Rachelle

    All the skincare tips please, I got Vitner’s daughter and love it so please share more.

  • Nena

    This has probably been asked a ton – but did you always know you wanted to be a blogger/influencer? Did you leave a “desk job” to join the beauty and fashion industry? I have a desk job with a big firm (that is dragging me closer to my death each day), and while I like the security I have, I’ve always wondered if my favorite bloggers like yourself made the switch at any point 🙂

  • Sirena

    How did you get in shape so quickly after having Nate? How many days a week do you work out and for how long? What types of exercises do you prefer (cardio, weights, HIT programs…) Also, favorite healthy meals and snacks and how often do you indulge / have cheat days? Thanks and love reading your blog ❤

  • Neris

    Hi Helena,
    I’ m currently expecting my 1st child and would love to know about your skin routine during the pregnancy. What were no goes and what worked for you? Did you use acids and, if yes, which ones? I noticed my skin getting much worse during the pregnancy – I’m getting breakouts on my cheekbones and jawline which I never had before. And I’ve been drinking at least 2 cups of spearmint tea every day…
    When did you start wearing maternity jeans and were you able to wear the same size throughout the entire pregnancy? I’m worried that the jeans I got now (5 months along) won’t fit me anymore towards the end of my pregnancy.
    Also, did you end up using postpartum corset – if yes, please type your thoughts, experiences with sizing and fave brand?

    Thanks so much! xxx

  • Kristina

    Helena, you are such an inspiration! Love your blog ever since I came accross it. Especially love your motherly thoughts since I have a toddler, too. What are your most favourite jeans brands and brands for button downs?
    Regards from Bulgaria.

  • SeL

    Hi Helena, with your experience in the fashion and beauty industry, do you know of any cosmetic brands/products that are certified as organic? I am trying to reduce my exposure to the many chemicals contained in cosmetics.

  • Lynn

    Hi Helena!

    I always love these sessions ? Hubby and I work on a NYC blog together, and I know you and Keith support each other a lot in your endeavors. How does that dynamic work for you? How do you find balance? I love hearing how other couples work together!


  • The pink pineapple

    I would like to ask you, what is the key to success in this world of bloggers?
    New post:

  • scos

    Hi Helena! So excited you are doing this post!

    Question 1: What does a typical day of meals look like for Nate? Do you feed him exactly what you eat or do you make some modifications to his meals? Would love some inspiration!

    Question 2: What are the top 5 pieces you are buying for fall?

  • Emilia Dobrydney

    What are your go tos for hanging around the house or coffee runs–I am always looking for cute ways to be comfortable without being a slob but without spending 300 bucks on trendy track pants 😉 And I second the “mom around” question–it’s hard to wear heels to pick up the kids or take them to the park so again how do you stay awesome and comfy momming around? Have a great week 🙂

  • AJ

    I love your home and your new backyard is amazing!!! Do you rent or own?

  • Nicole Sioui

    Hi Helena,
    I’m sensing that you feel that time is starting to fly by too fast; another birthday, etc.. That being said, have you ever reflected on how long/up to what age you will be a blogger?

  • Anisha Kohli

    This is the number one thing I wonder about when reading you blog and finally I get to ask! You shop so much and get sent so much clothing as a blogger – how do you get rid of clothes you don’t want? What do you do with it? Do you sell it? And how do you know when you give up on an item and let it go?

  • SJ

    What are (is) your latest designer bag(s) you’ve acquired?

  • Lera

    What’s your typical day like? How do you balance motherhood and blogging/work. Do you have a babysitter?

  • nicole sioui


  • Stephenie

    Do you build your wardrobe through the years? How did you discover your style? Did you take a chance on blogging and was it hard to put yourself out there and front of the camera for people to judge you on the internet? How did you start to buikd traffic on your site?

  • jakie

    Hi, I’m curious about your skincare routine. Also, do you use use botox? Fillers? … how do you go about that? Thanks

  • Jojo

    Hey Helena.. Love u style and knowledge in fashion and motherhood keep it coming..god bless u and it beautiful family.
    I would love to see a tour of ur house and it daily morning routine??

  • Jojo

    Hoping if there is any chance of u starting YouTube channel to get us more inspired more about fash..ion make up.. food ..
    Motherhood…. etc volg way

  • Lynn

    Hi! I’ve been following you for a long time. Really like your honest style. I mean you as a person, not only your fashion style. I want to know how did you keep your blog going? And please share with me some tips about how to run a blog successfully. I am very curious about it 😉 thank you!

  • AmAnda

    Where can I get this sweater?!

  • abc ya

    I love this episode. It seems that everything is in line with other things

  • maren

    Bag advice! I’ve wanted a Balenciaga classic city bag forever, but also love the new Gucci marmot collection… which one would you go for? 🙂

  • Niky Eddie

    Thanks for sharing

  • Alka

    Well composed articles like yours renews my faith in today’s writers. You’ve written information I can ultimately agree with as well as make use of.

  • shael

    I heard about your Brooklyn Blonde and was really impressed by your way of doing your work! great going. keep it up!

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    oh, her sweater is so pretty, it looks so warm.

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