September 14, 2010

Arm Candy

I love all these images.
On a sort of side note (but not really), after selling a bunch of stuff on eBay that i didn’t want or need anymore and actually making a decent amount, and after my parents asking me what I want for my birthday and me just responding with “A handbag,  can you help contribute?” (lol!), I got myself an early birthday gift that goes with the above theme. Can anyone guess??
I know that this is not for everyone, but I’m a big believer in saving for some investment pieces, especially when it comes to handbags. Instead of buying a few handbags throughout the year at $100 a pop, I’d rather save that and splurge on something that’s classic and wont go out of style within 3 months. Handbags have always been the thing I save for and splurge on, even more than shoes! If I happen to get sick of the bag a year or two later, I’ll sell it. I rarely have bags that just sit around and not get used unless it has a special meaning.




  • icosmeticRN

    i luv these bags! i could agree with you more on saving and buying something classic..I can not wait to see what u guess is maybe u got a chanel??? idk..i am awful at guessing, but whatever u got I am sure it is beautiful..u have great taste!!

  • ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR

    Leopard print??? I'm with ya, I save for good bags that I'm really going to get some use out of 🙂

    Xoxo-Kelli K

  • Olya

    I love the animal print clutch!
    Show us what u hot!!!
    XOXO, Olya

  • dani@callitbeauty

    i'm adoring the shot of the pregnant lady, how chic is she? also, i've started to absolutely pine for a balenciaga bag (you started it :p), can't wait til i can have one to call my very own :).


  • Robin

    The suspense is too much 🙂 Is it a new Balenciaga?

  • dennicapearl

    beautiful bags.
    i have a smaller, clutch version of the leopard skin bag in my current post! 😀

    my favorite photo is the one with the pregnant lady! very artsy photos.

    <3 dennica pearl
    – through the eyes of a pearl
    – vintage shop

  • kingaaaa

    these bags are totally perfect! each one of them. 🙂

  • Nayila

    Let's see how well I know my best friend hmmm the black Balenciaga????If so I am sooo borrowing it!!! xoxo

  • Inez

    I LOVE the red clutch and of course the chanel bag <3

  • Lo alario

    just lovely! xx

  • MM

    I agree. I'm currently saving for my first Balenciaga! hopefully I can get the 2010 rose gold one.

  • Stéphane Malingue

    i love your trendy site ! stéphane of

  • Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    the pregnant lady with the absolutely awesome bag has got to be miroslava dumas right? love that one. I honestly can't guess what you got but you've got impeccable taste so I can't wait to see it!

  • cheryl

    i can't wait to see what you decided to purchase…all of those handbags are so gorgeous! p.s. what is your ebay name? i purchase stuff on ebay frequently!

  • vicky h.

    soo excited what your new addition will be!! i totally agree about investing into lasting pieces!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  • Tara

    my guess is Balenciaga, too! and i am so with you on the investment pieces…even on a budget, i think its great to have a few staples that will probably be collector's items someday!

  • Hannah

    same here!
    I´d rather spend 1000€ on a bag that´s timeless and classy, than buying tons of cheap ones instead.
    so what´s your "birthday bag" then? 🙂

  • BlueVanilla

    I totally agree…though its shoes for me…but handbags are right up there with them! Nice post!

  • fshnonmymind

    I'm guessing you'll be sporting a new Balenciaga or a Chanel, but I think I recall you saying you were saving up for a Bal and was trying to figure out which color to get next.
    I'll all for saving up for a special handbag purchase. I'm trying to downgrade my collection so that bags don't sit being unloved. I'm on the hunt for an oversized clutch like the first two. So far no luck. 🙁

  • Taylor

    I completely agree! I save for a nice handbag that will last!!! I used to buy a bag and end up hating it a few months later just like you – I am over it!

  • the Honey B

    Well, Kimmy K is holding a balenciaga but i see two chanels- i can't guess a theme but those are some great bags to choose from! I completely agree on bags being an investment. Maybe you should do a post on how to store your expensive purses when you're not using them. I hate seeing my Louis Vuitton all scrunched up in the bag and box when i'm not using it!!!!!!!

  • Nina

    I agree! i always splurge on handbags.

  • Becky

    Ooh, my guess is a black Balenciaga?

  • shimmering2light

    CHANEL! I can't wait to see!

  • Rosie

    Totally agree, I believe in investing in a piece that you will not only have your entire life but also pass on down to your daughter or niece. Can't wait to see what it is.

  • BrooklynBlonde

    Hi guys!! I'll share mine later this week but some of you are right! 🙂

    and yes, that pregnant woman is Miroslava Duma. She's the cutest most chic pregnant woman EVER.

  • stilettolover91

    LOVEEEEE those bags!!!!!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new ALDO booties on my blog Sunday, go check them out 😉

  • LabelSnob

    I soooooooo want a Balenciaga bag!! Can't wait to see what you got!!

  • Wanderlusting

    We're on the same page – I'm selling a TRUCKLOAD of designer goods on Ebay tomorrow to help fun my trip to Chile this fall… even selling a Kooba and Coach bag… despite the fact that I need/want a grey purse. Funny how that works. Must ignore the purses though, focus on the goal 🙂 I can always look at eye candy, like you have on your blog xxoo

  • vivalablonda

    Im totally agree!

    This bags are gorgeous! show us which will be the lucky one 😉


  • Rose

    you speaka me language 😉 i'm guessing a Balenciaga envelope clutch? 🙂

  • Nikki

    So exciting!!! which did you get?
    I love all the images, handbags get me SO excited!!


  • S___y

    iiii die for the 1st bag and the brown bag

  • love jenny xoxo

    i love these, especially the leopard one so cute! I'm bad though, I will buy a bunch of cheaper purses instead of holding off for the perfect handbag 🙂


  • BARESTUDY (Janelle)

    i love splurgin on bags too.. and shoes. i dont know which one i spend more on. lol. im thinking that maybe it's also time to sell some of my purses and go buy myself a super expensive one. haha!! but somehow, i just can't part with my purses.. i guess coz i saved up for all of them. haha

  • Belen

    I could agree more. Handbags are investment pieces, to me they truly are a piece of art, so why not spend money on something you love?
    Excited to see what you got!

  • Tatiana

    The first oversized clutch is by far my favorite! I'm currently obsessed with oversized clutches and just bought a wonderful vintage aligator skinned one in black.


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