July 7, 2022

A Summer Uniform: Linen Pants and a Simple Tee

Linen Pants and a Simple TeeLinen Pants and a Simple Tee summer outfit

Bottega Jodie Mini bagTee: ATM (wearing a medium) | Pant:  Loulou Studio (wearing a medium) | Belt: Bottega (wearing a size 80) | Mules: Saint Laurent | Bag: Bottega Jodie Mini (also seen here)| Sunglasses: Colors in Optics

A Summer Uniform: Linen Pants and a Simple Tee

One of the biggest “trends” that I’ve been so very into are the wider, trouser style pants we’ve been seeing everywhere. I say the word in quotes as it’s definitely not a trend. But a rather classic item. However, it seems like they’re around now. More than we’ve seen in years-with sneakers, flats, heels-and I’m loving it.

I’ve always been drawn to pieces that have a slightly masculine feel to them, especially when they’re balanced with something a bit more feminine. This particular pair that I’m wearing above was a splurge from Saks. But I’ve also purchased the black and ivory pair from Zara that look quite good in person. In the Zara pants, I opted for a medium for a slightly looser fit.

This Bottega belt was something I debated for a bit. I wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of a cream colored belt. But turns out, I’m wearing it quite often. Same goes for the Saint Laurent mules. I haven’t worn the black that much (I think that will change in the fall), but the white I’ve been reaching for non-stop.



  • Emilia Dobrydney

    Perfection 😍

  • Karlos Moore

    Oh great! True that summers are made for tees. Your blog is interesting to read and also may help me to improve my fashion sense! HAHAHA

  • Jyoti


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