June 6, 2018

A Preview of Our Backyard

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Furniture: biggest thanks to Frontgate (will breakdown specifics in the next post) |Pergola: Wayfair |  Rug: Frontgate |  Pillows: Frontgate | Lights: Costco | Planters: Frontgate. 

A Preview of Our Backyard

To say that our backyard has come a long way is an understatement (you can find the before photos here). Keith and I shot a ton of photos this past weekend, which I’ll be sharing soon, but here’s a little preview. I was planning to reveal it all at once, but I was too excited not to share a little glimpse.

We had a certain vision in mind and I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of what the two of us put together. Mainly because, even as we’re in the midst of renovating our bathroom and kitchen (and designing it ourselves), I keep second guessing our decisions, wondering if we should have hired an interior designer, etc. However, sometimes I have to remind myself to have a little faith in our own ability.

One thing is for sure, we’ll be spending a ton of time out here!



  • Allie

    It looks gorgeous, and so fUnctIonal. That can be such a hard balance to strike and from this sneak peak it looks like you nailed it. I. Any wait to see the finished results. xAllie

  • Rach

    OMG I am obsessed with your backyard! It is really looking good! The hardwork is for sure paying off!


  • Samantha

    This is so lovely. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

  • Carmel

    This really does look amazingly! I would love some tips on keeping this area clean. I have an undercover deck area attached to our kitchen, and it’s like another room in my house- I constantly have to dust the furniture and sweep and mop the deck ( birds use it as a toilet!). I thought about replacing our table with couched like these, but the idea of keeping it clean puts me off. Would love your ideas on this xxx

  • jakey

    room for nate?

  • Kate

    Love this backyard! If the rest of the house looks as gorgeous as this you really have no need to be worried haha



  • Fatou

    It’s gorgeous! can’t wait for the final look!

  • Ewa Macherowska

    Love the place <3

  • Mireia

    So beautiful!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Diana

    I’m seriously in AWE of how amazing it looks! You and Keith did a phenomenal job I cant wait to see your new kitchen and bathroom!

  • Joann Brittingham

    What a terrific place to relax and entertain. And the tables are perfect for little Nate to play with his toys, cars, trucks, whatever! You guys did a phenomenal job! Hats off to you both! Can’t wait to see the house renovations!

  • Pam in DC

    It’s gorgeous! My husband and I did most of our renovations and I also questioned if we should have used a designer. Well 17 years later I’m looking at how much $$ we saved by DIY, and I’m glad we put in the sweat! 🙂 But next time and from here on out …it’s the Professionals, I’m a retired DIYer. lol

  • Christina

    This looks so gorgeous and cozy! Love all the pillows and lovely lights!


  • BeingIsabella

    Wow! What a hidden gem you have here. I really admire all of the decorations you added and the very boho chic environment and style you created here. There was absolutely no need for an interior designer, you did a fabulous job and could easily be mistaken for one. I know you’ll make lots of great memories here this summer.


  • Fotograf Szczecin

    Your photos are really great.

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  • Danielle Mone

    I’m such a fan of this space! I keep telling my fiancé when we decide to buy many things are important to me but a backyard space that we can truly have fun and entertain in is such an important factor! Great that you have this space, especially in NY


  • Vanessa Leverette

    Love your color it work well with everything.

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  • Chloe

    Your backyard is looking amazing!

    Chloe x

  • pikcat

    Can’t wait to see the reveal. The backyard looks so stunning!

  • Giannina

    Hi! Looks amazing! Wondering how you connected the lights? Do you have an outlet in the yard? Thanks!

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    Love this backyard, 😀

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