August 11, 2015

7 Day Hair Diary

I’m so excited be sharing a little hair diary with you guys after test driving an innovative new product,  Luxurious Volume 7 Day In-Shower Treatment, which as the name suggests, is all about volume! What I loved most about this stuff is that it’s a treatment you apply after your usual shampoo and conditioner and it lasts for about three washes. Naturally, I have roots that get greasy super quickly, but this treatment made my hair feel fuller and thicker for so much longer than it normally does. Huge plus!
Here’s a breakdown of my 7 looks.
Day One: I let it air dry and then finished off with a blow dryer. I didn’t use any other product other than the treatment and my hair dried so much bouncier and fuller than it normally does.
Day Two: I was heading to my friends 30th birthday, so I wanted something a bit different than how I typically wear my hair. I was looking for a look that incorporated braids, while still being able to wear it down. Thank to Pinterest, found this pretty look.
Day Three:  Continuing with the braided theme, I was in the mood for a slightly messy side braid. One of my favs from all of the looks.
Day Four: Time to wash before having one of my friends (who works at a salon) give me a quick trim. After, I let it air dry and then threw it in a high, messy ponytail.  Usually, my ponytails have a tendency to fall flat, but my hair had so much volume, even after the wash.
Day Five: What I love most about this product, it makes my hair have so much texture, making something as simple as a bun, so much easier to manage. Normally, I will lightly tease my hair before  putting it in a bun, but this time, no need for that! Big plus.
Day Six: As in typical fashion, I snoozed way too many times and then had zero time to get ready. Pulled my hair into a quick side pony, topped it off with a scarf and was ready to go. This look took all of three minutes.
Day Seven: Hot and humid day, so a big voluminous bun was the way to go.
Find the treatment HERE.
Thanks to John Frieda for sponsoring this post!

All photos by Keith Hodne



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