December 16, 2020

Mason Pearson Brushes: Why They’re Worth The Splurge.

Mason Pearson Brushes: Why They're Worth The Splurge.Hand Wash | Hand Lotion | Similar Tray | Candle

At this point, I’ve accumulated three Mason Pearson brushes over the last ten years. While three sounds a bit ridiculous and kind of unnecessary, I’d never want to be without at least one Mason Pearson.

I got my first one over a decade ago while I was in London (they’re all handmade in England) with two of my girlfriends. It felt easier to spend an insane amount of money on a brush ($200) while on vacation because I’ve always gone by the “Well, I’m on vacation” motto. What is it about being away that makes it feel acceptable to spend money on luxury items?

I remember talking to the Sales Associate at Harrods about Mason Pearson and the next thing I knew, I was walking out of the store with one in hand. The good news is that I never regretted that purchase. In fact a few years later, I was in LA on a work trip and I realized that I forgot my Mason Pearson at home. I’m not going to lie, I sort of panicked and thought, “Oh no! I really don’t want to be without my brush for a week.”

Mason Pearson Brushes: Why They’re Worth The Splurge.

I’m going to get to all the reasons as to why I love the brush in a moment, but one of the main reasons is how beautifully it works for wearing my hair in a sleek pony or bun. In my opinion, there’s nothing that compares. It smoothes like nothing else and while in LA, for the sake of time, I knew I was going to be wearing my hair like that a lot. So I went to Barney’s in Beverly Hills (RIP) and purchased the mini pocket version in the mixed bristle combo. 

The one I left at home was the boar bristle, so I figured that I’d try a different one. I also justified the purchase by knowing it would be great for travel or for throwing into my handbag.

The third one I purchased to give as a gift and ended up never giving it (long story). The store closed down before I could return. This reminds me that I actually need to give it to my mom.

Fast forward to now, the pocket one is the one I use the most. I love that it’s small and stays in my handbag most of the time. I also realized I prefer the mixed bristle more than the boar bristle. It feels a bit more stimulating on my scalp, which I’m very into.

Okay, Now Onto The Many Reasons as to Why I Love The Brush:

Let me start off by saying that while this brush is a huge splurge, if you take care of it, it will last you for years upon years. As I mentioned before, they’re all handmade in England and really just beautiful.

One of the reasons why this brush so great is how it stimulates and massages the scalp. As you’re using it, your scalp instantly feels tingly and invigorated. I’ve learned over the years that when you treat your scalp well, your hair is happier and healthier.

Then, there are the bristles. There’s just something magical about them that makes your hair look smoother, shinier and overall, have less damage and split ends.

Straight Hair, Wavy Hair, Sleek Hair:

Whether I wear my hair straight, wavy or in a sleek pony/bun, the Mason Pearson is my best friend. It smoothes waves without ever destroying them. In fact, it always makes them look bouncier, shinier and just better.

When I wear my hair in a bun or pony, it smoothes down the entire look.

You get the point. It works with any hairstyle!

Take Care of Your Brush:

The two larger size brushes comes with a cleaning brush that allows you to brush out all of the extra hair, gunk and debris that accumulates in your brush. Make sure you use it as this will keep the integrity of your brush. If your brush is clogged, it will still work, but it won’t do the job the way it’s supposed to. Also, every few months I like to wash my brush to really get all of the stuff out of there. For the pocket sizes, you can purchases a cleaning brush separately.

Which One to Get:

If I were buying again, I’d probably get the mixed bristle in the pocket mini ($120) to start as it’s a bit easier on the wallet. There’s also the junior size ($195) which is a bit larger than the pocket mini. If you’re okay with spending $100 extra, go with the regular size ($240) It covers more of the scalp and feels a bit more luxurious. If you do get the mini and love it as much as I do, eventually you can add the regular or junior size to your arsenal. Trust me, you probably won’t regret having both. It’s so nice to have one to be able to keep in your bag that’s a bit smaller and more compact.

The brushes are also sold at Bloomingdales, COS Bar, Amazon & Saks.



  • miki

    It seems so gentle!
    Miki x

  • Alena

    I was influenced by you almost a year ago and bought a junior size MP brush with mixed bristles – best purchase of the year! I think junior size is a great option – not as small as the travel one, but also a little bit more affordable than the regular size 🙂 I also bought a travel size with boar bristles later in the year and I agree, it just does not massage the scalp as well as the mixed one, but probably is better for smoothing ponytails. Got both of mine from Gilt, so felt a little better about the splurge by not paying full price 🙂 Thanks a lot for your recommendations!

  • Jenelle Witty

    Oh my gosh I love mine too! It’s incredible. Haha there is nothing like it to compare! You’ve reminded me to clean mine again. Thank you! x Jenelle |

  • Lexi

    Could not agree more! I love mine and I too have accumulated 3 over 10 years…twins 🙂

  • Mireia

    I love how pretty they are!

    Mireia from TGL

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  • Tessa

    After reading this and the comments I need to start up a saving fund for this brush 😍

  • Aliha Saith

    Thanks for helpful post. I am Working in a Mobile app development company in India

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