October 29, 2014

20 Random things about me

Hat: Hat Attack | Scarf: ASOS (last year, but similar herehere & here

Hi! Something a little different today. Sharing 20 random facts about me.  Back when I used to work in a typical office environment, when these type of emails would pop up in my inbox, I would get so excited. I did another one of these posts over a year ago, now for round II.
1. Being in my 30’s is so much better than I ever thought it would be.
2. I love spicy food. I put sriracha and/or red pepper flakes on just about anything that calls for it.

3. I eat about every two hours. I’m probably the worst version of myself when my blood sugar drops and I’m hungry.

4. My cocktails of choice: Above all, red wine (is that considered a cocktail?). Then, an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. Booker and Dax has one of my favorites.

5. If I could wear only one nail color for the rest of my life, it would be red.

6. I’ve never lived in a house, only apartments.

7. I LOVE games. Taboo, scrabble, poker, etc…I love it all and can get slightly competitive. All in good fun!

8. With that being said, I also love casinos. Leave me by the roulette or poker table and I’ll come find you in an hour…or two.

9. I’m all about leftovers. Once they’re in my fridge, I get excited knowing I have something tasty to look forward to.

10. I have slight claustrophobia. I don’t freak out if there’s a lot of people in my space, but more if my body is confined or my senses are restricted. I realized just how bad it was when I was getting a facial, a couple of months ago. I couldn’t move my hands (they were pressed against my body) and my eyes were covered with a mask. The facialist warned me that she was going to leave the room for five minutes and that I should “relaxxxxxx…” well, instead of relaxing, I completely freaked out and broke out of whatever I was wrapped in. It was then that I realized how bad it was!

11. I’m not the most organized person. If you peaked inside one of my handbags, you would probably find random dollar bills scattered around, five different lipsticks, receipts, a granola bar..etc.

12. I’ve been wearing contacts for almost fifteen years. Getting the lasix procedure is on my list!
13. For those of you who are into astrology (I am), I’m a Libra (September 28th birthday), with a Taurus rising and a Libra moon. Keith is also a Libra.
14. In movies, I cry more when animals get hurt than people.
15. I eat peanut butter & jelly, whether it’s on a cracker or an english muffin, almost every single day.
16. I freak out if my hands or lips are dry.
17. I have a thing for oversized scarves, as per the above photo!
18.  I hate cold water. I prefer either room temperature or if I’m at home, I’ll do warm water with lemon, especially first thing in the morning.
19. Sounds weird, but I can’t really smile with a fully-opened mouth. It just feels so unnatural when I try!
20. My favorite shows of all time: Six Feet Under, Sex & the City, Felicity, Friends and Nip Tuck.



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