January 7, 2015

NYC: Where to Eat in Brooklyn {Part 1}

Where to Eat in Brooklyn
Well this is long overdue now, isn’t it? Even though I did the Manhattan edition first, I actually eat out in Brooklyn more often than the city. Speak to any Brooklynite and they’ll probably say the same thing.  If you’re visiting New York, all of these are a quick and easy train ride from Manhattan. Probably quicker than going from uptown to downtown.I have many restaurants in Brooklyn that I love, so stay tuned for part II. For now, here are five of my favorites, in no particular order:

Bar Corvo

Where: Crown Heights/Prospect Park

I’ve been here over a dozen times and it still remains one of my favorite Northern Italian restaurants in Brooklyn. The vibe is cool and low key, the service is great and the prices are relatively reasonable for food that is just so good. Their sister restaurant, Al Di La, is another favorite, but I prefer this one for the food + atmosphere combo.

*Tip: The farro salad, and homemade pasta dishes are not to be missed!

Where to Eat in Brooklyn Bar Tabac

Bar Tabac

Where: Cobble Hill

Bar Tabac is a real example of how a restaurant’s ambiance is just as important as the food. The food is consistently good, but it’s the bustling atmosphere, often filled with live jazz music, great service and inexpensive cocktails and wine that keep me coming back. Keith and I always talk about how it’s probably our favorite restaurant in Brooklyn. Not necessarily for the food (good, but there’s better) but for the entire package. It’s always guaranteed to be a fun, yet relaxed, time.

*Tip: The les moules frites  (mussels & fries), beet and goat cheese salad, the chicken dish and cote du rhone wine are our favorites!

Where to Eat in Brooklyn Traif


Where: Williamsburg

Even though we have a car, we don’t head out to Williamsburg all that often because, to be honest, its not that close (to us) and so many places are a little too crowded and over-the-top hipstery. For Traif, we happily make the drive. This place is a true gem in Brooklyn with dishes that are unique, well thought out and most importantly, mouth watering. Highly recommend the tasting menu, which for New York standards, is cheap at $50 per person.

*Tip: Make reservations in advance! Also, the bacon doughnuts are crazy delicious.
(side note: as I was typing this post, I gave myself a calendar alert to call and make some reservations myself. It’s been awhile!)

Where to Eat in Brooklyn Sushi Katsuei

Sushi Katsuei

Where: Park Slope

I first heard about this place from Keiko and I can easily say, it’s one of the best sushi spots in New York. The fish is extremely fresh and flavorful, the service is warm and in comparison to the other great sushi spots in the city, it’s reasonably priced. In my opinion, the Omakase is the way to go, but everything  is always on point, from the  appetizers to the simple rolls and even to the sake. The decor is minimalistic and slightly too bright, but it doesn’t even matter. Here’s what the New York Times had to say.

Where to Eat in Brooklyn Cafe Luluc

Cafe Luluc

Where: Cobble Hill

Parisian bistro meets diner with some of the best pancakes I’ve tasted. Light and fluffy on the inside, golden cripsy on the outside. Seriously, they’re out of this world and if you’re a pancake fan (or not), you’ll want to come here. Aside from the pancakes, everything on their breakfast and brunch menu, which is my favorite time to come, is delicious. Keith and I usually share a croque monsieur or an eggs benedict and then an order of pancakes. Please note: portions are huge and on weekends, as for most good places in the city, expect to wait a little bit.

So there you have it! Five of my favorites. For those who live or have dined out in Brooklyn, what are yours?



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