November 25, 2013



I have a love-hate relationship with NYC cabs. Of course, there’s the fact that they’re so quintessential NYC. The cabs instantly light up the streets and the city wouldn’t be the same without them.  The cabs are also lifesavers at 2 AM when there’s no way in hell you’re taking the train to Brooklyn, especially after spending the night dancing away in 5″ heels. But that’s only when you could catch one at that hour, which isn’t always the easiest task. If it’s raining? Forget it. It might be easier to win the lottery that night. When  you are able to catch one, there can be something quite special about them. I have so many great memories that involve NYC cabs!All in all, I’m more of a “I’ll walk or take the train..” type of girl.  I always have a pair of comfy flats in my bag, so no, I’m not walking the streets of Brooklyn or Manhattan in my sky high heels (although I could definitely last a long time). Aside from being cheaper, I find that taking the train is often so much quicker than hopping in a cab. You don’t have to deal with crazy Manhattan traffic or even worse, take the chance of getting a moody cabbie.If you are taking a cab, awhile ago, A CUP OF JO did a great post on how to flag one, if you need a few tips!

Speaking of NYC, a few months ago I did a post on my favorite eats,  incase you missed it.

Photos by Keith Hodne



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